Christmas party games can be fun, and when you have a Christmas party, it’s always a good idea to include some kind of game. Here are ten fun things to consider playing at your next event.

1. Bingo

Why not collect some Christmas-themed bingo cards and have fun with a Christmas version of this classic game?

2. White elephant

You can’t go wrong with this popular game. Make sure to inform all attendees in advance so that everyone comes prepared. You may also want to have a special award for the person who brings the best white elephant voted for by the rest of the party goers. There are many variations on this classic, so you’ll want to decide the rules before you begin.

3. I never

This one can be quite entertaining and can also be an icebreaker for a party with a lot of guests who don’t know each other. The basic idea is that each guest takes turns saying something they have never done. Every guest who has done that leaves and you want to be the last in the game. The idea then is to think of something that you have never done and that you think that at least some, if not most of the guests, have done.

4. Guess what Christmas carol

This is usually played as a pencil or paper game in which you have the sheets created in advance. You can find online or anywhere else you can, rhymes, jokes, or other facts about various Christmas carols and each guest or group of guests has to figure out which Christmas carol is which. Then you give a prize to the person who gets the most correct answers.

5. Christmas picture matching game

For this game, you will need to have pictures already gathered and play similar to a standard memory game, either on a board or on the floor.

6. A Christmas Carol in Finnish

This game is played in a similar way to naming that tune, where you sing or say the first part of a Christmas carol and then the person who responds has to finish the title, song, or verse.

7. Recreation of the Nativity

This is a classic for many family Christmas parties, but it can also work for church or youth groups or any other appropriate group. Assign ahead of time so that people’s roles can bring costumes or can be obtained in advance for each person and then do a reenactment of the Nativity story.

8. Who or what am I with a Christmas theme?

This is a version of the classic game Who am I. It is played by putting a piece of paper with the name of a Christmas-related person or object on the back of each person and then everyone in the room wonders talking to everyone else and asking questions to find out who or what they are.

9. Duck, duck, goose (reindeer)

Played like the duck duck goose kids game, instead it says reindeer instead of duck and even with a large group of adults this game can be quite fun and a riot.

10. Decorate the sleigh

You can decorate a large real sleigh outdoors or make smaller paper or wooden sleds and then use them as a centerpiece or other object for your Christmas decorations.

Have fun playing these Christmas party games and keep in mind that most of the games played at other times of the year can be adapted for Christmas.

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