1. Boost Your Blog Enthusiasm

There are reportedly more than 346 million people worldwide who read blogs (ComScore). But having a blog does not guarantee that people will read it.

  • Register your blog in popular directories
  • Make your most recent blog posts appear on your LinkedIn profile and Facebook status with links to the blog.
  • Read the top blogs in your industry and then post comments with useful information and links to your own blog or website.

2. Social media

Social media can be a great way to get the word out about your business or product. Help generate exposure and interest in the community.

  • Did you know that Facebook has more than 200 million users? Facebook allows you to create free fan pages about your business.
  • LinkedIn is a professional network that includes allowing companies to create profiles.
  • Manage your social media presence and consistently engage with your connections. Nutshell Mail is a service that provides users with a summary of their social media updates in their inbox in a single email delivered to them on their schedule.

3. Monitor your presence in cyberspace

We’ve all heard of “googling” someone or something … Be on the lookout for what’s posted on the internet about you and your business. Suppose your customers and prospects are aware of what is out there.

Searching your name on Google and Twitter can tell you several important things:

  • What people say about your business
  • If your work is being used without your permission.
  • If someone else is using your personal or business name

If your reputation is in trouble and you find negative or false information, you may need professional assistance to fix the problem. Assess whether you need legal representation or public relations and press release solutions.

Four. Be consistent with your message and brand online

Coordinate and integrate marketing communications tools within your business. By doing this, the brand message of the company will be consistent in all possibilities.

  • Communications integration helps eliminate consumer confusion and strengthens the brand.
  • All advertising media selections, creative designs, and public relations efforts should strive to match the message, the media, and the audience so that the right person sees and / or hears the advertisement or marketing piece and can recognize the business and the consistency of your brand.

5. Apply search engine optimization (SEO) to your website

SEO is a great way to increase your income stream online. SEO allows you to:

  • Develop and organize your site content and navigation so that they are fully optimized
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Maximize Your Internet Exposure

6. Improve your site’s audience with pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

Before implementing your PPC campaign, research your keyword traffic patterns, as well as the bid prices for those terms, so that you can plan and budget for your campaign effectively.

  • Track the best performing ads to determine what drives the most traffic to your website and generates revenue for your business.
  • PPC can be an incredibly profitable tool if managed correctly. Consider hiring an expert to manage the campaign, design optimized landing pages for your ads, and track the metrics.

7. Stay in front of your customers with email marketing campaigns

Your business email marketing campaigns should be representative of your business brand and image.

  • Email campaigns allow you to be in front of your prospects and customers.
  • Email marketing solutions create an interactive experience with your customers.

8. Market on the Web

There are many free and powerful online tools that can be used to market your business on the Web. Here are a few to consider:

  • Slide sharing: share presentations
  • Tag your presentations and embed them on your blog or website

  • You Tube – share videos
  • Consider filming and uploading your presentations. Post videos of yourself interviewing industry experts or submit customer reviews about your business.

  • flickr – share images
  • It’s a great way to showcase your portfolio or share photos of your presentations.

  • Delicious -share web pages
  • Social bookmark service that allows you to save all your bookmarks online and then share them with other people.

  • Amazon.com – share your opinion
  • When you read a book in your field, check it out on Amazon.

9. Increase your exposure to the media with electronic press releases and industry-related articles.

Public relations allows you to maximize your exposure in your company’s target markets. It also enables you to improve your internet search rankings.

Also, find out what stories reporters and editors are working on by using links like:

  • Peter Shankman’s help to a reporter (HARO)
  • PitchRate.com

10. Be an industry expert

Answer questions you are familiar with on sites like Yahoo Answers or LinkedIn Answers. They both rank very high in search engines and will increase traffic to your website.

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