Morning wood. Every man has experienced it, often every morning of his adult life. Waking up with a very stiff and firm erection is a common thing, and it can be fun to take advantage of it. Morning erections are a sign of good penile health, and at least once in a while, a couple should take advantage of this to engage in some sexual shenanigans before breakfast. But while some guys may think there’s nothing more to it than turning around and starting right away, it actually requires a certain amount of care and thought. Sex tips like the following can provide helpful guidance.

Sex tips for morning sex.

– Consider the breath of the morning. The biggest downside to sex as soon as you wake up is that most people’s breath smells downright awful in the morning. However, getting up and going to brush your teeth can spoil the idea of ​​having sex as first thing in the morning. There are a couple of ways around this. One is to have two glasses by the bedside, one empty and one with mouthwash. Gargling, rinsing, and spitting quickly can freshen breath. The other is to avoid kissing, and use it in sexual positions that do not involve being face to face, like doggy style, for example.

– Consider other odor crimes. Of course, bad breath isn’t the only possible odor offense a man could commit. Keep body odor at bay by showering before bed the night before. Men with especially smelly feet should also apply powder or other foot powder before bed. And if penile odor is a serious problem, clean it out well the night before and take ongoing steps (such as regularly using a penis health cream) to eliminate that problem.

– Remember that it has no wood. A man’s penis may be erect and more rarely go, but the woman on the other side of the bed lacks the same drive for sex. Although she may be excited to get frisky early in the morning, she will need her sexual urges to wake up a bit. So while a man’s penis may be begging him to handle penetration, it is the man’s responsibility to engage in foreplay that will allow his partner to “catch up” with him in terms of arousal.

– Empty the bladder. The last thing a guy wants to do before using his erect penis is pee. It ruins the mood and can also deflate the penis. Limit your fluid intake before bed and also empty your bladder before bed.

– Schedule enough time. Morning sex works best when neither of you have a set time, so your best bet is to try and have a weekend morning without early dates. However, many couples especially like to have a quick fling before work; the release of tension brought on by sex can often be just the thing to get them through a hard day at work. Getting up early so that neither of you feels rushed or pressured will allow both of you to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Early risers who employ these sex tips are even more likely to experience amazing sex if they keep their equipment in tip-top health. Daily application of a premium penis health cream (Health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven to be gentle and safe on the skin.) can be useful in this regard. As mentioned, using a proper cream can be helpful in combating unwanted penis odor, so look for a cream with vitamin A. This vitamin is blessed with antibacterial properties to combat unwanted penis odor. The most desirable cream will also contain L-arginine, an amino acid that helps the body create nitric oxide; this in turn can help the blood vessels in the penis to expand more easily as blood flows into the penis.

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