For the average gamer, whether your platform is PC or Xbox, being a video game tester seems like a dream job. You can do what you enjoy all day and yes, you get paid for it! People may think that this job is a myth and that no one becomes one. The reality is that companies that sell video games need an “expert” opinion. They don’t look for people out of college to tell them if the game is good, they want people whose life revolves around video games and who can also provide them with good information.

So what are some of the perks of this job?

Get a Sneak Peek: How would it feel to play the next best game before it hits the shelves? Know everything before your friends? In my opinion, that would be very nice.

Be the best at the game: Companies that test their video games usually start at least six months before release to fix things that testers may think are better or patch bugs. Most people get very competitive when it comes to online gaming and a six month head start can really give you a boost. People will be wondering who the heck this amazing player is on the first day of the game’s release.

· Meet other players – How would you feel if you met some people who share the same interests as you? Sure, there are millions of people who play online, but getting your co-workers involved can make work time fun and plenty of social interaction will ensue to make the day even better.

Do what you love – This is the most obvious. Most people are not too enthusiastic about their work. They worked very hard at school to make it and came home absolutely exhausted. You are doing what you were already doing and loving all day. He takes pride in his work and also showed a lot of appreciation for his experience.

In conclusion, this is the dream job of many people. Places are limited, but if you get in, enjoy the good life! To get a job, some education is required. I recommend looking for an IT school so you at least have something on paper. Search online for jobs and job classifieds. If you get into a big company, you are set for life. Not only does he have the career of his dreams, but it also pays well. You would be very surprised.

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