After the Breakout Kings pilot, it was interesting to see where the show was headed. The premise of this week’s episode was evil killer Xavier Price escaping from prison during the execution of another prisoner.

The escape kings are then brought in to stop and find Xavier before he kills again. The fugue kings are up against the clock as Xavier likes to torture, maim and eventually kill his victims.

It’s hard not to draw parallels between this story and the real life story of Josef Fritzl, as Xavier likes to capture his victims and keep them locked up for months without daylight or contact with any other human beings.

We immediately learn that Philly (Nicole Steinwedell) has been written out of the series and replaced by Erica (Serinda Swan) for plotting an escape. Erica claims that her talent is in breaking and entering, but we soon discover that she has a much darker past, and I won’t reveal it just yet, so you’ll have to watch.

At this point I’m not sure why we were introduced to Philly in the first place, I can only think that the actual actress wasn’t available for further filming or maybe we’ll see her later, at this point I have no idea.

However, Erica, her replacement, seems much more interesting, and without giving her backstory, I can see her becoming a very helpful and interesting part of the game. breaking kings T.V. series.

We also learned this week that our favorite US Marshal isn’t really a junkie and takes his mysterious pills for a mysterious heart condition, however, as most of this show relies on brains to catch criminals and not force , This should not be like that. It won’t be a problem and there’s a good chance we’ll see a lot more of Charlie as the show goes on.

One thing that continues to baffle me, however, is that Ray (Domenick Lombardozzi) is still allowed to work in a limited capacity for the police, even though we know he got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar when he was caught stealing from a hiding place. police officer so he could buy his daughter a new car.

All the details may not have been released, but this is one part of the show that doesn’t make any sense to me, but I’m willing to look further at this point.

Lloyd the child prodigy is shaping up to be my favorite character on the series so far. The creepy nature of the guy and the weird relationship he has with his mom will come out in the future and when it does I guess something interesting will happen to further develop the character of Lloyd.

I’m looking forward to the next episode of Breakout Kings and it will be interesting to see this little show grow.

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