Most double-edged knives are poorly made and dangerous to the user. Cold Steel is well aware of this fact and their Black Bear Classic tries to turn a great idea into an even better knife.

I recently got my own Black Bear Classic and these are my thoughts:

What I like about the knife:

1. My razor came out sharp to shave my hair right out of the box. VG-1 San Mai III steel is excellent because it has a hard inner core, which helps it hold its edge.

The outer layers are made of softer steel and give the knife rust resistance and flexibility.

2. Double edge means twice the chance of being cut. Cold Steel uses two grips on this knife, which are made from 300 series stainless steel. This is the perfect way to protect your fingers from sliding into the blade.

3. Both edges are hollow ground and beautifully polished, giving the BBC a knife-like appearance.

4. The Micarta handle is soft and sexy while being tough enough to last a lifetime.

5. This knife is not only pretty to look at, but the hard plastic sheath is durable enough to be taken abroad for military use or even camping or surviving in the wild.

That I did not like:

The Black Bear Classic is one of my favorite Cold Steel knives in every way. I have nothing negative to say about it.


With a suggested retail value of $ 409.99, the Black Bear Classic is not your everyday knife. It is truly beautiful enough to display and amaze your friends, while being strong enough to be used for almost any task you can imagine.

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