In each of us there is a creative spark: a unique purpose and destiny for which we were born. Most of us have forgotten what that special gift is, or are afraid to live it. My successful secret formula, as described in my seminars, e-books, and CDs, will help you unlock your creative potential and discover your purpose in life. Passion, the right action, hard work, and a commitment to excellence will create the quantum leap you want in your life today!

I have been involved in entrepreneurship, creative endeavors, and public speaking for many, many years. First of all, I would like to say that I incorporate a unique combination of lessons and concepts that I have researched, studied, learned and experienced over the years to access my own creativity, develop my ideas and launch my own intellectual and business properties. ideas in successful business ventures.

In my seminars I incorporate ancient secret wisdom, creative lessons and exercises to open you up to the deepest parts of your mind, heart and soul, where creativity is born and nurtured. After that, we move on to the business aspects which will include how to protect your intellectual property, strategic business planning, financing your idea / business, prototyping, marketing, advertising, promotions and sales, and other important steps to launch or expand your ideas. . and businesses, and some of the challenges you may face and pitfalls to avoid.

As most of you know, I have created a unique life for myself. I am an entrepreneur, executive producer, writer, and motivational speaker. I have many, many interests. I’m writing my autobiography: The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword, polishing the first book in my mystery series: Montebello’s Prince D’Arcy, writing another book on entrepreneurship, and doing consulting and public speaking. I also love teaching. I must say that my three main passions are: creating, writing and helping others in any way that I can.

There is an impending need for love, light, and personal empowerment in today’s world like never before. Many of you may also know that I ran for president in 2004 as a true Democrat and a late-writing candidate to “correct America’s mistakes.” So I know firsthand the need to achieve truth, peace, love and compassion in this disturbing and violent world. And the key begins within each one of us. That is why I have decided to focus a lot of my energies on teaching others about creativity and how to put your creative ideas to work to make you earn money through entrepreneurial projects. There is a great need for this, especially now.

My philosophy is that if each of us raises our own light, in our own way, through positive thinking, positive ideas, and creative thinking, then we can focus on building, growing or expanding our own businesses and ventures. This is something we can all do right now. We can choose to focus on the inner light and bring it out and share it with others, instead of focusing on all the fear and negativity in the world … I call it “drowning in illusion”. So you can choose, right now, to sink or swim! And that’s where I come in. To help you swim, to help you fly, to help you fly!

We all know that Light is the first element of creation! Let the light be made! Light is the creative force, the life-giving force in the entire universe and in each one of us. Don’t you feel your heart rise right now? Do. Every time I think about this, or hear this, or remember this, my spirit soars! Isn’t that beautiful? So I hope your mind and heart are opening up right now, because this is light! This is true! And from this truth, this pure light, creativity arises. That is why I call my book and workshop: “The creative evolution of an intellectual property”, because it is an evolution, but it begins with light, a thought, a brilliant idea, a light bulb goes out!

I draw on my own real life experiences and the knowledge that I have gained throughout my life so far. I have learned from teachers and many experts in a variety of important fields and industries. Many have helped me achieve harmony, balance and creativity in my inner-personal life and others have guided me in business, legal, marketing, advertising, promotions and sales. But there is nothing like practical experience, trial and error, learning from your own successes and mistakes.

I encourage all of you to DREAM AND THINK BIG! But take realistic steps to achieve your desired goals.

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“Creativity is coloring outside the lines and entrepreneurship is living outside the box!” JJK

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