Nobody wants their home to smell like dog urine. Teaching your dog where to do business is an important part of dog training. Here are some ways to do it.

Using newspapers is a simple and easy way to potty train dogs. Cover a large part of your floor with newspaper and teach your dog to urinate in that area. Gradually reduce this area until you are sure you got it. When he’s used to urinating on the newspaper, you can move him outside to get him there.

In cage training, you confine your dog to a certain space where you want him to go. This teaches you where to do your business rather than everywhere. However, you may find this method too much for your dog.

You can also use potty grass to train your dog. This works like a newspaper, but uses grass instead. The smell of real grass is enough to encourage your dog to urinate. This option is also ideal for people without access to the outdoors.

You can also try taking your dog wherever you want him to. This works on the same principle as the other methods mentioned. It is a simpler method but one that requires alertness.

Each method mentioned here has its pros and cons. Pick one that is more suited to your dog training style to make things easier.

Potty training dogs can be downright frustrating at times. Remember to stay calm and be more patient.

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