Providing lots of great toys for your pup isn’t just a bit of extra entertainment. Domestic dogs not only love toys, in a way they need them for training, stimulation and even for their health. Toys are especially good for new puppies, so if you can’t resist that new puppy for sale, you definitely need to buy some toys along with the puppy’s other necessities. Whether you’re just starting out or have had the same dog for years, it’s important to continue to provide him with plenty of toys.

Experimentation is the best way to find the toys your dog likes best. Try shopping for different kinds of toys, from balls to stuffed animals to squeakers and more. There are a plethora of toys produced specifically for our furry friends, so variety will never be a problem and it won’t be hard to see which toys your dog loves.

Toy play plays a crucial role in puppies’ development, both mentally and emotionally. Beyond that, toys are also helpful mechanisms for resolving issues of boredom, separation anxiety, excessive chewing, and other behavioral issues. Dogs actually have an instinctive desire to chew. Tearing and chewing was once a vital part of survival and food consumption and was also a natural way of keeping teeth strong, sharp and healthy. When choosing various toys, you should consider your dog’s size and personality, and just like choosing a child’s toy, make sure there are no dangerous pieces that could be swallowed. Try to choose some toys that are specifically designed for dental care.

Most dog trainers and veterinarians recommend having three different sets of toys. Within these groups, you can have any variable type and size of toy, as long as they are interesting and enjoyable for your dog. The first and most important group of dog toys are the primary toys. Your dog’s favorite toys should be considered the main ones. It’s important to leave major toys out while you and your family are out of the house. It is proven that this can greatly reduce separation anxiety by associating your absence with obtaining a favorite toy. When you get home, pick up those main toys and replace them with secondary toys. These toys may not be your dog’s favorite, but they should work well for interactive play. There should be one more set of toys waiting that can rotate with the other primary and secondary toys. It is good practice to change toys twice a week to keep your dog interested in toys.

Toys make dogs and owners happy. Take time to explore the many toys that you and your dog can have hours of fun with. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Just take the time to get a variety of them and have fun doing it!

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