From your grand opening to anniversaries, new products, and new office spaces, you will have many milestones in your business. And there is no better way to celebrate than with your clients. Keep corporate invitations in your corporate stationery for every occasion, large or small. Marking these milestones can be a great way to stay in touch with your clients and colleagues and thank them for their contributions to your success.

Grand opening

Obviously, your company’s grand opening will need a fan fee. Submitting a grand opening announcement is a great start. But you should also plan to host a party with clients, new leads, colleagues, and business partners. Everyone will be proud to celebrate your new business with you. Keep these corporate invitations on the lighter side to get your guests excited about your business. Pick a bold ‘grand opening’ invitation, but keep in mind that this can set the tone for your corporate stationery and future events.

New products

Introducing a new product with an event or party is a great way to engage your customers. Send out a corporate invitation that looks like a “new baby” announcement for a whimsical touch. A new product you are introducing is like a ‘baby’ to you and your company, so why not treat it like one? You should be aware that not all of your clients or colleagues will be familiar with your product, so you don’t have to make the product the only focus. Keep the event lively with snacks, music, conversation, and perhaps a short speech or demo about your new products.


Every year that you are in business is a reason to celebrate. And an anniversary invitation is a great way to thank your customers. They’re the ones that help keep your business alive, so be sure to recognize them with this milestone. While you can now celebrate every year with a party, you might consider sending a corporate thank you note or anniversary announcement to your clients. This will keep you in your thoughts and give them a chance to congratulate you on your successes.


As your business grows, so will your space needs. Moving your office is a great opportunity to gather your clients and colleagues to show off your new space. Treat your move like a housewarming event. Send out ‘housewarming invitations to keep the tone light and festive. If your guest list is large, try taking out your corporate invitations before moving in, you may be able to host your party in an empty office, giving you more space to mingle and mingle. Waiting until after the actual move is perfectly acceptable too, and it gives your guests a chance to see your new office space put together.

Whatever the occasion, keep your customers in mind with great corporate invitations and fun parties to celebrate your milestones. Thanking your customers in this thoughtful way is a great way to promote your business and ensure their loyalty for years to come.

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