How much do you know about the French Mastiff?

1) Do you know, for example, that it is one of the largest dogs, with an average weight of 150 pounds (about 75 kilograms)? This, by the way, is more than many humans weigh. Additionally, the French Mastiff generally grows to over 30 inches measured above its shoulders, making it as tall as an average calf. This, in turn, makes the French Mastiff a favorite with people looking for huge, strong dogs, and a big turnoff for people looking for small, cuddly ‘kitten-like’ dogs.

2) Do you also know that the French Mastiff is supposedly a direct descendant of the famous (or infamous, depending on one’s perspective) war dogs, with which the Roman armies that ruled much of the world in past times went to war? . This probably explains the fierceness that can characterize the French Mastiff, especially when its master instructs it to ‘act’.

3) Do you know that the French Mastiff, at one point, faced extinction? Well this was in the years after the French Revolution, and it is only by luck that someone had the common sense to protect this remarkable breed of dog. So to speak, before the French Revolution, when France was ruled by “elite aristocrats”, the French Mastiff had become their favorite hound; that served as a watchdog in the residences of these French elites. So when the revolution came (and it was quite violent), French Mastiff dogs tried to fight for their masters, and many were killed by revolutionaries who were hell-bent on overthrowing the elites. In fact, so many of the dogs died that the breed faced certain extinction, and only Raymond Triquet saved it from that fate. Otherwise, they would now be history.

4) Do you know that the French Mastiff, in addition to being physically strong, is also remarkably strong mentally? Well, in the French Mastiff, we have the perfect mix of brain and strength, in a dog that in addition to being one of the largest dog breeds, also doubles as one of the smartest hounds.

5) Do you also know that the French Mastiff is a considerably high maintenance dog? Well, if you are looking for a dog that you can really spend your money on, then the French Mastiff is the dog for you. It is a dog that, thanks to its short coat, you will have to brush at least once a week. It is also a dog that, to be really happy, you will have to wash it every fortnight. Due to the enormity of your head, when it comes to giving birth, you may have to pay for a cesarean section. However, the French Mastiff is not just about cost and high maintenance. He not only takes you away, he gives you back: in the form of intelligent companionship, as well as surveillance services, being the potentially ferocious dog that he is.

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