We are miles apart, in distance and in differences of heart
I live in vast lands, desert, gorges, beaches, sea
You live in the orderly safety of a small town, countryside and read
A land of gentle spirit where ours is tough, vivid, bold
Yours, once our Homeland, steeped in ancient cultivated traditions.

Our eyes see the endless blue of the sky as with our minds
We explore the future to shape the future of humanity.
You are more inclined to let your eyes focus on things of yesteryear.
Although there are things that we still share in the Anglo-Saxon nucleus
We, once your colony, are now independent, mature

We love the heat, you dwell in the cold, we seek the new, you the old
You are the north; we are the south in hemispheres much
Miles between us are thousands through the land and the heart of nature.
Mountains, rivers, plains, seas divide us, make us two
However, the soul and the thought could make us merge again through a mental link

Our differences mean little when we share the same of life
Of family life and of all human joy and pain
We share the same loves, hates, trials of human days and human hours.
We share the same moment of rest: in a cup of tea, we delight in flowers.
And read the same magazine: the current link and the thread

You in your cold world and I in my dark, wide and hot land.


What a shame to live in a city

What a shame to live in a city
Instead of being there on the farm

What a shame to live in a city
Where we never feel safe from harm

What a shame to live in a city
With bad smells and tight spots

Instead of being in the green meadows
In wide open spaces swept by the wind

What a shame to live in a city
Where we rarely hear the song of a bird

Instead of the beautiful sounds of the country
Even the sound of silence is heard

It’s a shame that we have to live in a city
Where there is rush, traffic and noise

Instead of a peaceful open field
Free space in which it is a pleasure to be

What a shame to live in a city
Where all the stressed people dwell inside

Instead of a life without so much pressure
Where people walk quietly

What a shame to live in a city
When one could live close to the earth

We all grow our own natural food there.
In rich organic soil and sand

The country lifestyle for some seems unreal
It’s trade that rules your day

But I only wish for all trade to steal
Finding life in the city has no charm

What a pity that we had to live in a city
When we all long to go back to the farm!



In magical moments of time they come
Rare flashes of unparalleled joy
Moments of emotion when everything seems so good
Light-filled gift of our soul’s perception

We discern the bridge between the dream and the real
Mental mirror that is often confused
Blessed are the minutes of the purest joy
When the dream and the real come together.



When your life becomes a merry-go-round
Mechanical as can be
And you find that everything you’re thinking
It’s breakfast, lunch and tea
Then put down the tools, take a breath and come with me

We will fly in the sky, while our spirits fly
And all we want to do is sing
We’ll fly so high in the clear blue sky
That we will feel dizzy and excited at the sight

We will watch the magic flash of the snow
On the tops of crystal mountains that no one else knows
The world of our longings takes shape as we rise
To the distant land of our heart’s true desire
The wings of desire will give us the power
To go beyond the hates and fears and your frown
We feel our free spirit day or night.
Surrender to our fast-paced, high-flying delight

Feel the pull, the tension, in our memories again
We are remembering family and friends on earth.
Like a magnet we are drawn to the old rhythm of habit
We plummet to the ground in a great sweeping curve.

To get to our base of operations again …

But when your life looks like a merry-go-round again
Mechanical as can be
Remember there is more to life
Than breakfast, lunch and tea
Remember the wonderful world above
And come fly here freely with me!



Where are the maidens, pretty maidens?
And happy, homey girls now?
Where are the bright braids, bows, bows,
Soft curtains and a virgin’s vow?
Where are all the good girls now?

Where are the sweet sighs and blushes?
And tender and shy sideways glances?
Where are all the rhythmic and romantic dances?
Finer feelings, smooth entrances
Of the virtuous maiden?

Where are the many good girls now?
Those who call on men to honor,
Protect, care for and take for wife
Those whose beautiful beauty stirs the soul of man
Where, in fact, is the life of the soul now?

Where are grace and noble hearts, pure maidens, quite apart?
From this dull day of graceless wit and awkward and hurtful social chit
The most delicious times that attended the days when men knew
Sweet maiden charms of grace and talent, speak, soft sighs
Where the sweetness, the tender and dreamy eyes
Bliss melted the souls of men in the skies of heaven!

If we still long to feel and know
Those beautiful days long ago
Where the girls were shy and had to be earned
By a strong righteous knight and a noble son
So surely we could just look
To the spectacle of nature of night and day
And whatever happens, men shine like day
The girls glow softly in the sweet and subtle game of Love ……………

………………………………………….. ……………

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