In fact, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Freezing mornings, delicious hot cups of hot cocoa, building a snowman, and more! Children especially enjoy Christmas and winter more. Join in the fun with your kids with these winter family activities that will make the holiday season even more exciting for everyone!

Make an advent calendar

Nothing will make children happier than a family project. Take the time to buy some supplies (and little surprises for each day), sit down in your living room and make your own Advent Calendar. Not only will it bring out the creativity of the children (and yours!), But you can have fun as a family every day until Christmas arrives.

Baking Christmas Cookies

Speaking of family projects, bring the fun into the kitchen and fill the house with the sweet smell of cookies. You can bake the cookies in advance with Christmas cookie cutters and let the kids decorate them. Have different colored frostings, rainbow sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and other sweet additions ready!

Have a movie night

Get out the kids’ favorite snacks and some popcorn and get everyone in the family ready for movie night. You can watch Christmas movies or any nice family movie together. Don’t forget the blankets, it’s nice to cuddle in this weather!

Take a trip to a Christmas tree farm

The little ones will enjoy winter and the holidays even more if they can choose their own Christmas tree! Walk around the farm, take photos in the beautiful scenery, and enjoy the cool breeze outside. Once you’ve chosen a tree, you can go home and decorate it as a family!

Visit the ice rink

Don’t let the winter pass without ice skating! Children tend to stay indoors during the cold season, so hitting the ice rink is a great way to bond with them. Sledding is a fun idea too – visit a nearby spot where you can spend an afternoon sledding!


Holidays are the perfect time to give back. Volunteer as a family at a soup kitchen, helping prepare meals for the homeless. Alternatively, you can also visit an orphanage together and donate your children’s old clothes, shoes, and toys. It will be a fun learning experience for the little ones!

Your family doesn’t have to stay home just because it’s too cold outside; Enjoy the season with these fun winter family activities!

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