Becoming a freelance game tester can be a great way to enter the video game industry. Finding bugs and glitches in games will allow you to earn money from companies to go to college or even to earn a living. This work can be done at home and somehow at your own pace. To make a living as a freelancer in game testing, you should first start looking for companies that send you beta tests and independently tested games. There is a link at the bottom of the page that shows you how to register with these companies, but I will provide you with some ways that will help you promote yourself as a tester.

Gaming community

Although the gaming community is known for sarcasm and ruthless scrutiny, it can still help make your name among game fans. Start to publicize your work occupation and, without leaking information, try to convey that you have worked on previous games. Write posts and forum threads, providing in-depth information (you will learn after signing up) about the gaming industry and video game testing. Although most gamers may be in bad taste, do not put yourself through this type of video game treatment. Do not reply to any comment that is in fact in bad taste and is always professional.


Start a couple of blogs or a website that talks about previous projects you’ve worked on (unless the information a game company gave you says otherwise). Count your experience and if you have any education to support your skills. Also provide the specific hardware platforms you have tested on. Of course, mention that you have a freelance status and are willing to take a job with a suitable company. To drive traffic to your new site or blog, link to your address in the signature of your forum posts and your other blogs. Editors and developers can be impressed with your online resume and can stay in touch with you.


Finally, if you are really committed to this line of business in the video game industry, you should start going to conventions. Video game conventions will have tons of companies, game developers, and other testers. You need to connect with these important people because they may consider you a future customer. Talking to developers is not like talking to movie stars or pop artists, they are gamers like you and me. Don’t be intimidated by your stature in the gaming community, just try to keep them interested and get their email.

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