The Nintendo Gamecube was released as the final console in the same generation as the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. As a result of being the last concoction to be released in this generation, it had some of the best technologies used, making it a great console.

The Gamecube was designed to be a more social console than any other in the current generation. While it was still a ridiculously difficult task to get the console online and play with friends, the actual form was more compact and lighter than the Xbox or PlayStation 2. The Nintendo Gamecube could be easily lifted with the handle of the back, and simply packaged in someone’s language.

As I mentioned earlier, the technology used on the Gamecube was far superior to that used on the Xbox and PlayStation 2, giving it graphics that were better than any of its competitors. This was clearly visible in the Gamecube launch titles, including Metroid Prime and Pikmin.

The games released for the Gamecube were also, in classic Nintendo style, more fun and accessible than those created specifically for the Xbox or PlayStation 2. Metroid Prime was a remake of a classic series, taking main character Samus Aran into space to explore a game. planet full of enemies and bosses. Metroid Prime’s unique gameplay made it an instant hit with fans of the series and newcomers, who loved the beautiful graphics and well-conceived environments.

Pikmin was a challenging new game that tasked players with collecting parts of their ship together by controlling the local inhabitants of the planet they landed on. This game was incredibly popular and difficult at the same time, drawing many players to Gamecube from their other respective previous consoles.

Finally, another launch title for Gamecube was The Legend Of Zelda Windwaker. This game took the Zelda universe and turned it upside down, filling Hyrule with water, meaning that players had to traverse the world by navigating it rather than riding a horse. The game proved so popular that The Legend Of Zelda The Windwaker HD is being developed for the Nintendo Wii U, a console two generations ahead of the Nintendo Gamecube.

The main aspect of Gamecube that made it so popular is the early release of Resident Evil 4. Capcom, developer of the Resident Evil series, made a deal with Nintendo to release the game on Gamecube before any other console. Upon its release, the game was a huge success due to the completely different game it gave players. Because it was exclusive to Gamecube, it was known as a Gamecube game, and that was largely what the console was all about. More than anything, though, Gamecube was about being a more accessible console where people could choose and play their favorite games, regardless of their age or experience with gaming consoles.

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