Meeting someone for the first time on a date can be a stressful experience. You’ll be aware that you want to make a good impression, and you’ll be nervous about falling short of your date’s expectations. Your choice of dating venue can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your date,

bad dates

The purpose of your date is to allow you to get to know each other better. Anywhere that means you can’t chat is likely to result in a bad experience. Avoid meeting for first dates in crowded clubs with loud music where both of you will have to shout to be heard. The traditional movie and dinner date is also a bad idea for an early date, since you’ll be spending the time watching the movie, rather than talking to each other.

good dates

The ideal date gives you something to do or some experience to share together that can help you feel comfortable and also help you find something to talk about in those awkward moments when the conversation might peter out.

Here are some great dating tips, which will allow you to feel relaxed, get to know your date better, and allow both of you to have a great time and potentially a great memory to look back on.

pub lunch

Choosing to meet in a quiet pub for an early lunch or dinner is a popular choice. Choosing a quieter place or a quieter time of day means you can talk to each other.

Due to the wide range of pubs and restaurants available there is a great variety and quality of food on offer covering a wide range of budgets so this could be a good date for those on budgets or an opportunity to impress those who seek to push the ship and enjoy top quality food in a gastro pub.


For a more formal dining experience, you may choose to eat at a restaurant or bistro. Select a place you are familiar with that has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and serves good quality food and wine. Dining by candlelight with soothing ambient music will be much more enjoyable than eating in a noisy restaurant under the intense glare of bright lights.

There is certainly a wide range of places and foods to experience and choose from, from spicy Indian and Mexican food to Turkish, Greek and Italian dishes. Be sure to check out what kinds of foods your date likes to eat, and avoid anything you’ve expressed a particular dislike for. You don’t want to make the mistake of dining at a sushi bar if your date doesn’t like seafood. Some theme restaurants may also offer entertainment to liven up the evening, such as belly dancing, live folk music or jazz. It’s worth checking when you make your reservation, as this can greatly increase the enjoyment of the evening and give yourself and your date something to talk about.

Costs can vary greatly depending on location, quality, and the particular dishes you select from the menu. You should expect to split the cost of your meal with your date, roughly 50/50. Do not calculate your bill to the last penny, as it will appear selfish and greedy; remember that you want to create a good impression.

You should also leave a tip for your wait staff if applicable.

Museum or art gallery

If you’re worried about having something to talk about with your date and the conversation runs out, you might try visiting a museum or art gallery. The conversation will flow naturally as you discuss the art exhibits and find things you agree on and disagree with.

Since many museums are run or sponsored by public bodies, they are often free. For a more cultured date, you can follow your visit to the museum or art gallery with a chat over a cappuccino at a cafe or share a glass of wine at a wine bar.

parks and gardens

At the right time of the year, an outdoor date could be a hit. Parks, gardens, and sculpture parks provide the opportunity to enjoy landscaped gardens and art in an outdoor setting.

You could impress by preparing a picnic and sharing a bottle of wine with strawberries and cream by a lake or pond. If your park has rowboats, then a gentle loop around the lake could provide a fun and exciting experience.


Who doesn’t get clingy with furry animals? A Day at the Zoo will allow you to get to know your date in an interesting and varied environment, and will give you plenty to look at and talk about as you roam the zoo grounds and check out the animals. For men, you can show your tender side and earn points with your date for showing sensitivity.

theme park

Museums, art galleries, and parks can seem a little quiet. If you prefer a more energetic and frenetic date, you might consider a theme park. Daring to ride roller coasters, log slides, water rapids, and white knuckle rides together can help break through inhibitions with a rush of adrenaline.

Theme parks can be quite expensive to enter and are often closed outside of the summer season. Be sure to check ticket prices and opening hours in advance to avoid disappointment. Some parks also offer special events: Alton Towers, for example, has Halloween nights that offer the chance to experience its main attractions in the dark or spectacular fireworks displays at the end of the season in October.

Mini golf

If the idea of ​​roller coasters is too much, you might enjoy a competitive game of miniature golf. Pitch and putt and miniature golf courses can be found at various locations, local parks, and seaside resorts across the country, and can be a fun experience at relatively little cost.

For the more serious and competitive individual, or those who express an interest in golf, a game on a full-size course can be a rewarding alternative.


Oh, we like to be by the sea, so the song goes.

Sun, sea, fish and chips, hot dog stands and kiss me quick hats. Whether you’re looking to breathe the sea air with a leisurely walk on the beach or get lost among the cotton candy stalls and arcades, a day at a spa can be a real treat for you and your date.

Imagine the romance of winning (or being won) a stuffed toy from a grabbing machine, taking a speedboat ride across the bay or a more sedate pleasure cruise along the coast, dining overlooking the harbor and seeing the sunset over the water. .

ghost hunt

For a completely different experience, the bravest may opt to try a ghost hunting vigil.

With the popularity of TV shows like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunting, numerous companies have established themselves across the country, offering the chance to wander through various haunted pubs, castles and other historic buildings.

These events are usually held at night and often start with a shoot, and then break into groups to explore using night vision cameras and motion detection equipment. Some organizers offer a buffet or meal at the cost of the event.

Even if you don’t get along with your date, you can make new friends with other attendees, and you will surely have something interesting and unusual to talk about with your friends.

murder mystery night

Another great alternative date idea is a murder mystery night. These can be organized by friends or professional event organizers.

The evening often takes the form of a multi-course dinner. Early in the process, a body is found and the investigation begins: throughout the night, the actors mingle with the group, hinting at possible motives for the murder, and the diners are free to question them and investigate further. At the end of the evening, dinner guests are invited to identify the murderer, and there is sometimes a prize for those who have guessed correctly.

These events are often themed, giving guests the opportunity to dress up in period or themed costumes, adding to the fun. Prices can vary depending on whether the hosts are friends and family, or a professional performing group, and also depending on the nature of the food and refreshments offered during the evening.

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