Baby showers are one of the most exciting stopping points on a pregnant woman’s 9-month journey. And if you’re the baby shower planner for a special friend or family member, you can make it really special for her with a cool new theme idea: ‘Green’ Baby Shower.

Forget the ‘boy’s blue’ or ‘girl’s pink’ baby shower. How about the green color to mark this special event? Yes, you can plan a ‘green’ and eco-friendly baby shower and surprise everyone with this unique and thoughtful theme. So here are the tips to help you through the entire process of planning and running the party.

Sending invitations:

Printed or paper invitations are completely out of stock. Design electronic invitations and let your creativity flow. Email the invitation to everyone and mention the place, time, and of course the theme of the baby shower. On the invitation, you can mention that your guests should bring ‘green gifts’ or they can pick up anything and wrap it in recycled wrapping paper.

Decoration for a ‘green’ shower:

It cannot be decorated with ribbons or balloons in this case. Instead, use potted plants to liven up the room. You can also use decorative designer plants like bonsai to give your place a special look and feel. Use recycled decorative material or you can go the easy way and use potted flowers everywhere, and especially as table centerpieces.

Do not use disposable cups or plates. Instead, raid your kitchen or it would be Mom’s kitchen or even ask the vendor to provide ceramic plates for the party. In fact, this would be a great time to take out all that fine wedding china and serve food to the people in it. Don’t worry, guests are usually just as careful about china as you are. Nothing is likely to break or break.

Activity ideas for a green baby shower:

Team activity: Divide the guests into two teams and give them the task of creating something. It can be a cake made with pinned diapers where they have to decorate the cake with baby things like toys, teethers, bottles, etc. The winning team would obviously be chosen by the guest of honor or the expectant mother and will be the team whose creation you like the most.

Individual Activity: For a smaller group of people attending the shower, you can involve them in an exciting painting activity. Get all the equipment you need for a fabric painting contest and get your guests to start doing it. You can give them plain white baby t-shirts or even a one-piece suit and tell them to bring out their hidden design talents and decorate the shirt with fabric paint, buttons, or laces or ribbons.

Group test: You can hint at the possibility of a small test in the invitation itself. And ask them honest questions, from the names of endangered fish to what they know about recycling at home. Be brief and try to include fun questions. Another quiz idea is a photo quiz, where you can ask all the guests to bring their baby photos and they will all guess who the baby in the picture is.

Collect baby gifts Right at the end of the shower and as a closing motion, plant a tree or a pot with a plant in the name of the baby to be born. We hope these ideas help you launch a great “green” shower.

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