Energy-Efficient is an Animal Incinerator

In many areas around the world, animals are raised to supply meat and other products such as milk, eggs, wool, fur, leather etc. As a result, animal waste and carcasses are produced in large numbers and need to be safely and effectively disposed of. Traditionally, dead animals were buried or burned on open fires, but today, strict international environmental regulations and better awareness of the dangers of indiscriminate waste disposal methods are pushing more farmers towards the efficient technical incineration of their own animal waste.

An animal incinerator is a powerful and safe machine that can be used to dispose of animal waste and carcasses quickly, in an environmentally responsible manner. It has a high-temperature chamber that burns the waste to create clean energy and minimise harmful emissions. Many modern incinerators also feature secondary combustion chambers that further burn any remaining particulates or gases from the primary burning process, helping to further reduce harmful emissions and improve environmental standards.

The most popular type of animal incinerator is the Addfield range which comes in a variety of sizes for different amounts of waste. Suitable for poultry, pig and sheep farms as well as veterinary clinics, test centres, rendering plants, hunt kennels, zoos and pet cremation businesses, these machines are designed with the highest performance and safety features. They are highly efficient, converting the majority of waste into clean, renewable energy in the form of steam and heat, while ensuring compliance with strict international environmental standards.

How Energy-Efficient is an Animal Incinerator?

As a result, they have advanced monitoring and control systems that ensure that the incineration process is carried out at the optimal temperature levels, as well as sophisticated safety features to prevent accidents during operation. They are designed to comply with the most stringent European and national legislation regarding the emission of pollutants, and can be configured to meet the needs of various industries in terms of capacity and combustion efficiency.

If you are interested in buying an animal incinerator, it is important to find a reliable supplier that can provide a comprehensive service and a wide range of accessories to suit the size and capacity of your business. Ensure that the incinerator you choose is CE-approved and has a manufacturer’s declaration to prove it can achieve the required heat standards. Under older legislation, an incinerator was approved based on its type, but under the new law, it must be certified by a qualified service person to ensure it can meet the latest heating standards.

The installation of an incinerator on your farm can be a great investment that allows you to eliminate third-party costs for waste disposal while maintaining strict environmental standards. In addition, you can use your incinerator to convert your waste into usable energy and make a profit from the process. If you are interested in an animal incinerator for your farm or slaughterhouse, contact the team at Addfield today to discuss your options.