Drawing room serials tend to weaken vigorous sex appeal among viewers. They seem to propagate and project refined types of manners and behaviors in life, especially among middle-class society, but they have gone too far on the matter and have irreparable limitations and the worst outcome in life is obvious in the distant relationships between different members. of the family. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Have you ever noticed that parlor or noon serials, as they are popularly called, have become a habit to watch, especially among housewives? The second issue to see is whether the lifestyle of the women in question has changed.

Notable symptoms are irregular hours of cooking, washing, and serving meals at home. The shape of the bread cakes is no longer round, but they show the corners stretched in most cases due to carelessness in the finished baking. In the dishes that are served, there are obviously reports of uneven amounts of added spices that end up in a horrible taste of all meals. When washing used utensils, clearly visible stains from strong chemical cleaners remain on the interior parts of the dishes, including plates, glasses and cups. They represent a harm to normal health and are ingested with the following meals served without prior notice. The excuse is that life gets busier and faster for good sex.

The irritable behavior pattern has developed more than ever. In many cases, children are becoming the victims of rude behavior at home. Watching these noon series is proving to be a hidden nightmare for viewers. Especially women are affected unknowingly because over time they develop a madness or rather an obsession with such periodicals and in most cases they look at them with much more attention compared to other important activities such as babysitting. . As a result, children demanding attention receive an unconscious response from an indifferent mother. Most middle-class housewives now don’t like to share with children other finer tasks such as talking about nature, wildlife, watering plants, sharing talks about school activities, social relationships and things to do. the style.

As if the characters have become role models in life, certain women begin to identify with the victims who are shown as victims in life. Sometimes they assume a pitiful attitude. Women begin to think that they need a lot of compassion from others, especially husbands as their protectors. In this lengthy process of watching the midday series, the ladies develop such craziness that despite the cheap content, the endings of these series are cleverly designed to leave viewers curious as to what would happen in the next episode. . As a result, most housewives think that they should not miss the series at any time.

These series tend to separate people from nature. A lot of importance is attached to the high gloss and pomp of wealth and money. There is no place for adventure and exploration outside of the decorated classrooms. As such, people long-term adopt a lifestyle habit of thinking narrowly and away from the open atmosphere.

Such is the madness of these salon serials that women see them frozen in time and space without being aware of what is going on around them. In most cases it is interesting to know that the milk overflows and burns in the kitchen, but the housewife is lost watching the serials. Only the pungent smell when it spreads and reaches the room, people come to know that something bad has happened.

The worst case scenario is developing a passive attitude in life. Women obsessed with midday sets tend to develop sore back muscles as they have less and less time to move. They sit in front of the television watching all the series without moving and, therefore, they lose the flexibility capacity and end up adding weight to the bodies.

In the end, the artificial lifestyle that is so impressive, compelling and elegant in the midday serials makes women more obsessed with prudery and cleanliness. They get nervous and fussy about little things. When a husband comes home after work, she invites him with questions if he has forgotten to bring the food she asked for. Next, she hopes that the husband will share with her the feelings of loneliness at home and how she eliminated it with the only available medium of salon serials.

Before cartoon series craze becomes a real problem, it’s time to change the way you entertain. There are other movie shows that show suspense and mystery on the internet. The Internet is a powerful medium for exploring more than the limited regional or typical periodicals. Always remember that we are not only citizens of our country, but citizens of the world. We should not sing and dance to our limited tastes, but live to know more, which provides a better and broader exposure.

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