Pick 3 players across the country talk about how their Pick 3 numbers are drawn in their state’s triple-digit lottery games. Pick 3 is the most popular and most played lottery in the country. From California Daily 3 to Maine Pick 3 to Florida Cash 3 to Washington State The Game, millions of Americans play this Pick 3 lottery game.

There are thirty-seven Daily Lotteries 3 that include the District of Columbia Lucky Numbers, where players can invest their money. Some lottery players like to have their numbers drawn using the traditional method. The traditional drawing method involves dropping ten numbered ping pong balls into three different containers.

Each ball is marked with a single digit from 0 to 9. One container at a time, the ten numbered balls are blown around the container until one numbered ball is inflated into a tube to be one of the three digits that make up the selection. winner. 3 Number. There are eighteen Pick 3 lottery states that use this draw method exclusively. The Pennsylvania Daily Number Lottery uses this method in its nightly drawings.

The other state lotteries that draw Pick 3 numbers with this method are Connecticut Play 3, Florida Cash 3, Georgia Cash 3, Illinois and Iowa Pick 3, Maine and Maryland Pick 3, New Hampshire and New Jersey Pick 3, New York Numbers, North Carolina and Ohio Pick 3, South Carolina Pick 3, Texas Daily 3, Vermont and Virginia Pick 3 and West Virginia Daily 3.

The PA Daily Numbers noon drawing uses the other method. The other drawing method is a set of three digit computer generated Pick 3 numbers that becomes your winning Pick 3 Number. The computer chip v inside the computer randomly produces computer generated numbers that make the player a winner.

The following state lotteries use this drawing method: Arkansas Cash 3, Arizona Pick 3, CA Daily 3, DC Lucky Numbers, Delaware and Idaho Pick 3, Indiana Daily 3, Kansas and Louisiana Pick 3, New Mexico and Minnesota Pick 3, Missouri and Nebraska Pick 3, Oklahoma Pick 3, Tennessee Cash 3, WA The Daily Game and Wisconsin Daily Pick 3.

Many players prefer the traditional method because they can see the drawing on their local television news. They feel that it is fairer to the player than the computer, as they can see the results with their own eyes. Ideally, players want to be able to see the entire process as it unfolds from start to finish. But compared to the computer generated method of the Pick 3 number, it is acceptable to just see that one-number ball reaching the top of the tube.

Depending on where one lives and plays their favorite Pick 3 Lottery Game, the player has to live with the draw method their State Lottery currently has. In some lottery groups, members are encouraged to petition state lottery commissions currently using the computerized method to use the traditional method.

In the end, the bigger question is … Does the way the Pick 3 numbers are drawn make a difference to your daily game of 3?

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