One thing intake specialists have a hard time dealing with is objections and gridlocks from potential new clients. As I’ve written before, most intake specialists come from a call center or customer service background, they don’t have a strong sales background, so when they get deadlocks or objections, they usually drop the call and leave. let the prospect get away.

In fact, just this week I was monitoring calls from a client company I work with, and when a person called to cancel the day after signing the contract, the IS (intake specialist) literally said:

“It’s perfectly fine for you to take your time. Our agreement gives you three days to cancel and if you don’t feel comfortable with our company then you can definitely walk away…”

Seriously, she said, “You can go!” In fact, he went on for over 3 minutes telling this prospect that he should “take your time and it’s perfectly fine if you choose to go elsewhere…”.

I’m not making this up. This is literally how many admissions representatives deal with objections or deadlocks. And in their legal intake department, their representatives get their share of them day in and day out. Ask yourself, how many of these positions sound familiar to you?

“I want to think about it.”

“I need to talk to my spouse first.”

“I want to read the contract before signing.”

“Your fees are too high.”

“Another lawyer said he would do this for only 25%”

“I want to get a second opinion.”

“I’m just looking right now.”

“I’m not sure I need a lawyer.”

I know this sounds familiar because your team gets these posts over and over again. I promise you that if your intake team has not been trained to handle these objections effectively, they will sound like the example above, and your new case, and the accompanying fees, will be out the door. with them.

The good news is that you can stop losing cases like these by providing your intake team with proven and effective answers to dealing with and overcoming these and other objections and deadlocks. Let me show you how:

If your prospect tells you that XYZ’s attorney is willing to reduce his fee to 25%, instead of 33%, then simply reply with:

“Well (first name) if my new attorney was willing to quickly reduce his fee just to get my case, then I would be concerned that he would also quickly reduce the settlement amount to get paid.

“I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a lawyer who works hard for me, is strong in negotiating for me, and gets me the best possible settlement. Isn’t that the kind of lawyer you want to fight for your settlement too?”

[Once you get buy in, close the case!]

“That’s right, so put us to work for you today. We’ve won over $50 million for our clients and that’s the kind of success I know you’re looking for. Here’s what we need to do…”

How much more effective would your team be if they used scripts like that?

This is just one example of the types of scripted drafts we provide to our clients’ businesses. Teams that go through the training finally have the tools to close cases and bring them into your company instead of letting them go elsewhere. And this kind of proven skills training can lead to 40% and more increases in conversions for your business.

Plus, once admissions reps have gone through our proven training and have effective scripts like these, their confidence increases and they perform better in all areas of their jobs. It also makes recruiting and onboarding new reps easier and productive much faster. This, in turn, helps you retain good repeats and you know how much that matters to the growth and stability of your intake department.

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