Funeral Service In Singapore

Funeral Service is a service given for the dearly departed. It is also known as a viewing or wake as it is mostly held on the same day of death. There are several religions and traditions that observe this tradition of laying a finger on the coffin at the time of death and paying homage to their loved ones. Funeral homes in Singapore are tasked with handling all matters related to the death of a client. This includes facilitating the transport of the body from the mortuary to the funeral home, casket fitting, etc.

Some of the funeral service providers in Singapore offer transparent pricing structure. They provide the families a wide array of options in terms of the casket, container, flowers, attendances, officiating personnel, memorial cards, memorials, etc. Transparency in pricing can be beneficial for the client families as they can choose the option that suits them best.

The cremation container comes in varied sizes and prices. Some Funeral Service Singapore providers in Singapore allow the family members to pick the type of container from a wide range. The pricing is inclusive of taxes and additional charges if applicable. Some cremation containers come with handles so that the body can be transported from the mortuary to the crematory and vice versa.

How To Go About A Funeral Service In Singapore

The pricing of the entire cremation service is inclusive of the casket, cremation stone, funeral ceremony location and officiant. Prices for all these items vary as per the set-up. A single cremation stone can cost upwards of S$500. If you want to have more than one stone, it will cost an additional S$1000. Cremation stones can be purchased in single pieces or in a whole set.

The set-up of the funeral service depends on the number of people who are coming for the service. If more than one mourners are coming, the service can be held at a single venue. Otherwise, the mourners can be divided in smaller groups and they can be seated in different locations. It depends also on the distance and the facilities available for the mourners. Usually, people who are from other countries can get away with the smallest of arrangements as long as they can reach Singapore within a short time.

The casket used is chosen after the family has been consulted and approved of it. There are many funeral sets available to choose from. There is a traditional wooden casket which is ideal for a classic monument, but there are also some metal caskets which are more modern and even light. Whatever the type of casket that you settle for, remember to have a personal memorial service where your departed loved ones will be remembered.

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