As one of the top video and photo sharing apps available, Snapchat’s recent press release reported that more than 500 million snaps are sent and received daily. One of the most popular features of Snapchat is the best friends list, which is loved and hated alike. Users enjoy this feature because of its easy availability to exchange snaps with the people you usually shoot with, and it’s equally hated because it displays your best friends list on your profile, meaning anyone can see it.

Snapchat’s best friends list explained

Snapchat’s best friends, or your “top list” as they’re informally known, are the 3 people you share snaps with most often. The list is updated every week, which means that if you take photos of people more often during the week, they will appear in your list of best friends. You can see this list when you are ready to send a new snap, as it is displayed at the top of the contact list for easy access. It can be seen by anyone who has you in their contacts, and is publicly displayed on your profile.

How to bring up the best friends of your contacts

To see the best friends of all your contacts, simply use the following method.

Scroll down to the name or username of the friend you want to meet

This opens your profile, where you can see your username and friends’ score.

· There, you will see lists of those users with whom your friend interacts most frequently.

You can move your number of best friends from 3 to 5 to 7 in the settings panel.

Keep in mind that the best friends algorithm works in such a way that if someone sends you snaps regularly, but you only reply a few times, that person might be on your best friends list simply because the score goes up every time you send snaps. Likewise, if you regularly send someone a plugin more often than other people, it will end up on your list.

How to remove best friends from snapchat

Learning how to remove best friends from Snapchat is a fairly simple process, but you’ll need to fully understand how the feature works to use it properly. First, Snapchat has a certain score for your best friends, with the score being the total number of snaps you’ve received and sent. This means that the score you will see on your profile is the total number of activities you have accumulated since you started using the service. Second, the score is measured by the conversations you’ve had between all of your friends, which determines who gets on your best friends list.

Then, based on Snapchat’s specific friendship algorithm, it shows the number of snaps you’ve sent between you and all of your best friends, displayed next to their names. In the most recent Snapchat updates, you’ll see scores in order of the top 3, 5, or 7 friends on the list. Since these friends are updated weekly, the score will reset to 0 each week once the list is updated.

Assuming you simply prefer not to have someone on your best friends list, you can simply control who appears there. There are many reasons why you might want to do this. First, your best friends are public for anyone to see, which seems a bit strange. Why should anyone know who you’re talking to most often? Second, if your partner isn’t the person you’re talking to most often, you’ll notice when you go to their profile. Then another guy you are talking to will be listed and your SO will ask you some questions.

So you can simply remove them. To do so, you will need to block your friends. This allows you to reset the score mentioned above.

A simple solution to remove people from your list

You can’t completely hide Snapchat’s best friends list. Instead, you will have to use a simple solution to remove people from your best friends list. And this method also allows you to replace people on your best friends list with other users, simply by using a basic lock and unlock method. You can then replace the people you’ve blocked with new friends, which creates the illusion that you’re chatting with different people. Using this method, you’ll disguise who you’d rather not see on your best friends list, effectively “removing” them.

To block someone, follow these simple instructions.

1. First, go to your best friends list and click on the settings icon, which looks like a gear.

2. This opens a popup that gives you the option to Block and/or Remove that person.

3.Click Block.

4. When you block a person on Snapchat, their score will reset to 0.

5. That person will now be removed from all your lists, including best friends and contacts.

This is the simplest method because you can simply remove that person by blocking. They will not be notified of this lock, and once you have, you can unlock them and they will have a score of 0, so no one will have any idea how much you have talked to them.

Now, they will only appear in your contact list and not in your best friends list.

To unblock the person, scroll down to the bottom of your contacts, where you can see your blocked contacts within Snapchat. Next to each person’s name you will see a gear icon. Click that, and then when the following window appears, click Unlock.

And that is! Now the person you removed from your best friends list is replaced with a new person, the person who has the highest score in your normal contact list.

Chat with others to improve their scores on your best friends list

Chatting with other friends will help you increase your score with them, making new people more likely to become your best friends. This means that if you talk less often to the person you want to remove, others will overtake the person you don’t want to appear at the top of your list. However, remember that new best friend updates only go live every week.

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