Bunk beds are very nice if you are looking for extra space in a room or if the kids need to share a room. Kids love them and they come in a wide variety of styles. However, one drawback of bunk beds is the issue of bedding. They are difficult to make and difficult to keep looking good. The blankets come off in the middle of the night and fall to the ground. The bedspreads cover and hang from the upper bunk. This is why you need a hugger.

Huggers, sometimes called Bed Caps or Snugglers, are simply fitted comforters designed for bunk beds. The lower end of the hugger is adjusted to stay better on the mattress. Since the bunk beds do not have that box spring to cover them, there is no need for “floor length” skirts or bedspreads. The only thing you need to cover is the mattress. So a snugger snugger is perfect for that. It will give your bed the appearance that the duvet is tucked around the mattress.

Bed covers make it easy to “make the bed”. Just pull the bed cover up to the pillow, put on a cover and a viola, a neat and clean bed. Even if the bed is lying down during the day, a fitted comforter will stay better in place to keep the bed looking neat.

At night when tossing and turning can sometimes bring normal bedding down one notch to the floor, a snuggle will still be in place on the top bunk. Going downstairs at night to retrieve blankets can be risky if you are half asleep and the room is dark.

Loose bedding hanging from the upper bunk can cause a serious safety concern. If your child falls and becomes entangled in bedding, he could strangle himself. The bed covers are placed on the mattress eliminating any type of bedding below the level of the mattress.

Huggers aren’t just for bunk beds. This bedding is ideal for loft beds, captain’s beds, and even regular beds that have a wide wooden frame that covers the box spring. They work with any bed where you don’t want or need the extra fabric to hang down to cover part of the bed. Get creative and show off the bed frame.

Finally, many people feel that they can save a few dollars here and there by using something they already have or can get from someone else. But when it comes to bunk bedding, it’s worth a little extra money to buy the right bedding. It makes all the difference in how your bed looks, how safe it is, and how much less frustrated you will feel with it. It will be money well spent to keep your bunks looking their best. They might even look as good as those bunk bed pictures that you were sold on a bunk bed in the first place. For more information or to view some of these huggers, visit http://www.bunkbedsbunker.com/bunkbedhuggers/.

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