In reality, the answer is not as simple as yes or no, simply because anyone wanting to crack a poker RNG would need advanced mathematical knowledge and skills, as well as the random variable entropy source of the specific RNG.

However, there are methods by which one could determine some of the possible outcomes produced in a poker RNG. These results are commonly known as the Poker RNG failure. Although it is not entirely possible to know the exact and specific result of the RNG, a close examination of how the RNG works will reveal the deterministic approach to discovering the final result.

Random or not?

Firstly, understanding what randomness is and the ability of a computer to pick a random number is important to understanding how the RNG works and how it affects the relative outcome in online poker. Randomness is by definition the absence of order.

In other words, in the case of choosing a random number, there can be no specific or determined order in which the numbers would be selected. The fact that a computer program will generate a number (or poker hand) using certain mathematical functions, entropy sources, or seed variables, in and of itself. defies the true logic of randomness.

Entropy and how the RNG works

Second, online poker sites use advanced sources of entropy. (entropy is a measure of the uncertainty associated with a random variable), like white noise generators, laser lights passing through filters, and even thermodynamics to create seed variables to produce random numbers. The fact that entropy is used in the production of the RNG in online poker does not give you the true or actual randomness of shuffling and dealing a deck of cards.

Furthermore, Claude E. Shannon in his 1948 article “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” introduced a concept known as Shannon entropy which determines, in the sense of an expected value, the information contained in a message. In other words, Shannon Entropy is a measure by which it is possible to discover missing information even if you do not know the value of the random variable used to determine a random number.

In simpler terms, by knowing a mathematical function, you MAY determine the random number or the RNG result, based on the known information.

The RNG Glitch

In online poker, Shannon entropy could be related to poker algorithms and a player’s ability to actually determine the supposed randomness of cards in an online poker game. Also, sources of entropy may seem like good methods to create a random number, the fact is that such information (poker algorithms) is ultimately predictable since the use of lengthy mathematical procedures is involved in creating such randomness. In other words, it is possible to crack poker’s random number generator and ultimately expose the flaws of online poker.

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