The Shadows of the Trees (Kyrielle’s Poetry)

The ships on the horizon are seen in black and white in the game.

The wet rocks through the fresh air reflect the evening light.

The mauve sky scatters sparkling clouds on fire

The shadows of the trees always remain white.

Looking for the sea, which is so far away,

And running over rocks, the river holds the night.

The man is on duty waiting for the day.

The shadows of the trees always remain white.

Behind the horizon, the sun is red like Mars.

The moon is embracing life, which looks like anthracite.

The ancient years of light come from the stars.

The shadows of the trees always remain white.

Some crackling and crackling sounds come from a fire

The sparkles shine in the deep black sky at night.

Man makes his wife burn with true desire

The shadows of the trees always remain white.

A river full of feelings flows in your embrace

Enlighten their souls to reach the divine height.

Lovers swim in her sea of ​​happiness with grace.

The shadows of the trees always remain white.

Confusions, fears, knowledge, courage and wisdom are

Threads of the new couple in the fabric of their new fight.

The image of the town seems to oscillate very far

The shadows of the trees always remain white.

Out of this world of madness, searching for the day

Never finding his way back to the lost moonlight

Letting your mind be free to reach the milky way,

The shadows of the trees always remain white.

God breaks the chains (Sestina Poetry)

When nothing even comes my way

I try to keep my goals in sight.

I hope they can lead us to joy one day

As it surpasses these metaphorical nights.

Among those crazy things that lead to doom

I am quite melancholic in the gloom.

My life may be infected with sadness

When darkness spreads its wicked wings down the road.

Waiting for the approach of the next doom,

I am the girl in search of the view of nature.

When jagged rocks pinch and hit me at night,

I look for that something that lifts me up some day

My faith grows strong and I hope that one day

The winds of tomorrow will illuminate the gloom.

Faith, love and truth will be like stars in the night,

Knowledge will be as bright as the Milky Way,

As long as righteousness becomes visible,

And the lie will be a sticky bomb of doom.

I utter an impending sense of doom

Like poison killing everything one day

Or frozen flowers that flutter at the sight of the wind.

We end with hope and start in the gloom

As we change our lives along the way.

We make sense of everything from day to night.

As fears remain unspoken at night

We feel this ending as a final fatality.

Sad minds still try to find a way of life

In the hope that one day they will be saved.

They make major changes in the twilight.

Religious leaders teach the Christian view,

When wisdom is synonymous with sight,

And blind guides will lead the blind by night.

Some end in hope, others begin in sadness,

Among those sinful acts that lead to perdition,

Praying to God to one day save their souls.

Against all odds, they try to find their way.

In Siloam, the blind received their sight.

Working in faith, the blind could leave his night

God breaks our chains and brings us out of the gloom.

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