The VX series of LG phones have earned a reputation for being very high in multimedia and very stylish in appearance, and the VX8300 is no different by combining a host of brilliant multimedia features like megapixel cameras, superior MP3 qualities, and of course , camcorder capabilities.

On the connectivity front, the phone comes with EV-DO high-speed internet capabilities that will make it one of the good phones for the network on the go. The overall design of the phone is conservative and will keep people who are not comfortable with a prominent antenna in their cell phone design to stay away from the phone. Some quick access buttons on the side of the phone that can be operated even with the flip closed is a very remarkable feature that will find favor with many users.

The 1.3 megapixel camera clicks decent images, but the video clip recording was quite grainy and found to be lacking in many respects, including screen resolution. A phone whose design will catch your eye and its features will impress you, but it might make you think a lot before deciding to buy this phone.

What are the “quick access” functions of the LGVX8300?

Telephone functions that can be conveniently accessed using fewer numbers of keys are known as “quick access” functions. On an LGVX8300, the following functions are available for “quick access”.

o To set the phone to vibrate: from normal ringing mode, if you want to switch to vibrating mode, press the * key and hold it down for a few seconds. To return to ringing mode, repeat the same.

o To lock your phone: to lock your phone in an instant and make it inaccessible to unauthorized entry, press and hold the # key for three seconds. To unlock, select the right soft key and enter the password. The default password to lock your phone is the last four digits of your mobile phone number.

o To activate the mute function: the mute function prevents the caller from hearing your voice during a call. To activate it, press the left soft key. To deactivate it, press the same key again.

o To adjust the phone volume: Quick adjustments to the earpiece and ringer volume can be made by pressing the keys on the left side of the phone. The top side key increases the ringer volume and the bottom side key reduces it. The earpiece volume can be increased or decreased only while a call is in progress and to adjust the volume of the key tone, you must necessarily access the menu and not the side keys. To turn off all sounds simultaneously, select and hold the lower side key for 3 seconds with the flip open. Return to normal mode by doing the same with the upper side key.

o To switch between calls: this is a function that depends on the service provider. Therefore, if call waiting is activated, a beep will be heard during a call indicating another incoming call and this call will be received by pressing the left “SEND” key while holding the previous call. After answering the second call, doing the same thing again will revert you to the previous call.

How to configure display settings on LGVX8300 phone?

The display settings help you to modify the display functions of the phone screen such as banner, wallpaper, fonts, themes, clock format, and backlight.

All of the above functions can be accessed through a submenu under SCREEN SETUP as part of the SETUP & TOOLS icon on the main menu.


In the DISPLAY SETTINGS submenu, enter the BANNER menu and select the MAIN / FRONT BANNER option and enter your own text in the space provided and once finished, press OK.


The ERI BANNER will be displayed if you are using the ERI service. Use the up and down navigation buttons to scroll through the options and select OK to choose one.


This option allows you to have a background of your choice on the phone screen. There are many colorful and exciting options, including animations. To set the WALLPAPER, in the WALLPAPER submenu, select MAIN / FRONT WALLPAPER and then you can navigate through the various images in MY PIX or MY FLIX or FUND ANIMATIONS.


This option allows you to choose from fonts that are NORMAL or, as some people would like, LARGE.


This setting allows you to choose the color scheme of the phone screen. Some of the display theme options available on the phone are: DEFAULT / PULSE / TROPICAL / SILVER SPIN / BLUE


This option allows you to choose the type of clock that will be displayed on the screen. There are two clocks for the display, the MAIN CLOCK, which will have options of NORMAL or ANALOG or DIGITAL or DUAL or OFF. For the FRONT CLOCK, you can choose between DIGITAL or MINIMIZE or OFF. All options can be configured through the CLOCK FORMAT submenu.


This option allows you to choose the amount of time the backlight stays on. Settings must be made individually for the keyboard, front display, and main display. For each of the settings, enter the BACKLIGHT submenu and enter the option DISPLAY / KEYBOARD. You can choose to have the backlight ALWAYS ON or ALWAYS OFF. Also, there is another option where you can time the display at 5 SECONDS, 15 SECONDS or 30 SECONDS.

How to configure and use the sound settings on the LGVX8300?

The sound settings provide options to configure and modify the different sounds on your phone. The SOUND SETTINGS menu is a submenu of SETTINGS AND TOOLS. In this submenu, there are options to modify the main volume, alert sounds, keypad volume, service alerts, call sounds, alarm sounds, and power on / off sounds.


This allows you to set the master volume of the phone. Once inside the menu, the volume can be adjusted using the up and down navigation keys and choose OK to save a volume level. At each level, the left softkey mentions PLAY and allows you to preview the volume at that level.


This option allows you to set the ringtone for all incoming calls. Enter the CALL RING TONE submenu, select between CALLER ID / NO CALLER ID / CALLS RESTRINGED or NO CALLS and then scroll up and down using the navigation keys and choose the desired ringtone and press OK.

To set the vibration mode on the phone, enter the CALL VIBRATE submenu and choose ON or OFF


This feature allows you to set alert sounds for new messages of all kinds, such as text message, picture message, and voicemail message. Once inside the submenu, scrolling up and down and pressing OK will allow you to save the sound. Each of the alert sounds can have TONE, VIBRATE, or REMINDER options.


This allows you to activate or deactivate each of the four alert functions. Enter the submenu and choose one of the alert functions

o ERI – cellular service alert

o MINUTE BEEP: alerts you in the 50th second of every minute of each call in progress

o CALL CONNECT: alerts you when the phone connects to a call


This option allows you to set tones or choose the vibrate mode. In the ALARM SOUNDS submenu, choose TONE or VIBRATE. Then, using the up and down navigation button, choose the setting and save it by selecting OK.


As with other sound options, enter the ON / OFF submenu and use the navigation keys to choose a tone that will sound each time the phone is switched on and off.

How to access and use the phonebook on the LGVX8300?

This phone has the capacity to store 500 phone book entries with up to 5 numbers for each entry.


1. You can enter up to 48 digits for a phone number and press the left soft key mentioned ‘SAVE’.

2. Now use the up and down navigation button to select CREATE NEW or UPDATE EXISTING.

3. Use the up and down keys again to choose between MOBILE 1, MOBILE 2, HOME, WORK, and FAX.

4. Now enter a name on the phone with a maximum of 22 characters and choose OK.

5. Finally, choose to press SEND to call, END to exit and the right soft key to view the options.


Select the right soft key to enter CONTACTS and the left soft key to enter EDIT mode. Now use the up and down keys to choose each of the functions you want to customize. Change entries on the fly and select OK when you want to save a particular feature setting.

GROUP: allows you to organize numbers into predefined groups

RING TONE: allows you to assign a specific ringtone for a number

TXT MESSAGE ALERT: alerts you in your chosen tone when you receive a text message from that particular number

PICTURE ID: allows you to assign an image to be displayed when the number calls you

EMAIL: allows you to assign an email ID corresponding to the number


This phone allows you to dynamically search the contents of your phone and display them in alphabetical or letter order.

Choosing CONTACTS from the right soft key options allows you to view the phonebook entries in alphabetical order. Now if you want to search for names in a particular letter, just enter the search letter and the screen will immediately show all the names starting with that letter. In both options, scrolling up and down with the navigation keys helps you locate the name you are looking for.

LGVX8300 Cell Phone

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