Little Red Riding Hood costumes are a fairly popular form of fairy tale attire, especially for couples going to a themed costume party together, where the lady is dressed in a Little Red Riding Hood costume and the man is dressed as the Big Bad. Wolf.

The origins of the classic fairy tale can be traced back to oral versions of the story, which come from several different European countries. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that the Brothers Grimm first wrote history as we know it today. Importantly, this version of the tale was the first recognized version to have a happy ending.

Such is the place of this fairy tale in our popular culture that Little Red Riding Hood costumes are extremely popular on Halloween and at costume parties throughout the year, this despite the fact that there has never been a Walt Disney production of the history. nor any other major movie. Nonetheless, it remains one of the best bedtime stories in the nation and perhaps that is why the Little Red Riding Hood outfit remains so popular.

Today, there are a number of great looking costumes to choose from available on specialist online websites. Below are three different outfit suggestions you might want to consider to turn heads at the party.

The classic outfit

The classic outfit is probably the closest costume to how we all imagine the innocent young woman on her way to her grandmother’s cabin in the middle of the woods. These costumes are usually quite conservative in style and are based on a red dress and a red hooded cape. The must-have accessory is of course a basket and some of these come with a wolf head inside.

The sexy outfit

Sexy costumes seem to be even more popular than classic attire today. They are usually based on a mini dress, which is often red, white and black, and a red cape with a hood. Accessories often include fishnet stockings and even knee-high black leather boots. They are costumes that ooze sex appeal and strongly suggest that perhaps Little Red Riding Hood is not as innocent as she seems.

The great big bad wolf costume

For a man who wants to go to a Little Red Riding Hood themed party, there is really only one outfit option. The Big Bad Wolf costume comes in a few different styles, but perhaps the best variation is the ones that feature the wolf in Grandma’s robe and mop hat.

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