In this article I am going to share with you the exact formula used by so many before you to gain tons of lean muscle mass and body weight. This formula is so simple, and yet the amazing power and potential it holds are immense.

Do not overlook or underestimate the formula once it is shared with you because many people will ignore it due to its simplicity and go looking for expensive supplements, magic pills and clever poisons when they would simply be open-minded enough to accept. this formula as the truth as long as you take consistent action in applying its steps then you will see much better results and save a great deal of wasted time, energy and money.

OK, are you ready? Here it is…

Eat + Train + Eat + Rest + Eat = Muscle Growth

That’s all guys. That’s the magic weight gain formula for building muscle. No, as you can see there is actually no magic involved, no tricks or gimmicks, just the ground truth!

Obviously, there are certain elements and distinctions within each of these components that make up this formula, but rest assured, these are the fundamental key components that you must learn and apply in order to see gains in weight and muscle size.

Let’s first look at the first component that you can see repeating itself three times throughout the formula and that’s because it’s so important. You must eat to grow, you must feed your muscles all the right nutrients and provide them with an adequate amount and supply of those nutrients. Every cell in your body is made from the food you eat, including your muscle cells, and if you don’t provide your body with the right amount and quality of nutrients, then all the training in the world will never make you grow!

Then there is the training, because you have to cut out all that silly food to use otherwise you will gain weight for sure, but it will all be fat. You must stimulate the muscles to grow through systematic, effective and progressive training strategies. Use all the right variables to build muscle so that the weight you gain is at least mostly lean muscle tissue and only a minimal amount of fat. It is possible to gain lean body weight without any fat gain, but this is a much longer and slower process and requires an incredible amount of commitment and precision. It’s best to focus on quality weight gain and then when you’ve built the size you want, focus on fat loss to shed any fat you’ve gained along the way while maintaining the muscle size you’ve built. Again, this is done through correct diet strategies and not simply through training.

Then there is rest, which is also called rest and recovery. Muscles grow while you rest, not while you train. The sooner you learn this, the better and faster your results will be. You train to stimulate growth, but this can only happen with optimal nutrition and maximum rest and recovery. When you exercise, you literally break down your muscle tissue and it must be given time to repair, regenerate and replenish all the nutrients you provide to them. Muscles grow more when they are in a relaxed state, such as when sleeping. Hormones are responsible for muscle growth and proper and effective natural hormone production will only occur with proper rest and recovery.

Eat + Train + Eat + Rest + Eat = Muscle Growth

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