Have you put off your planned vacation for so long because you are worried about leaving your pets behind? Well, if you are thinking of spending your next vacation in the sunny state of Florida, then you don’t need to spend any more hours stressed out by the dilemma.

Although most hotels and motels across the country do not allow guests to bring their pets, the list of these types of accommodations in Florida is much longer than average. Most of these pet-friendly hotels don’t even charge any additional fees for the pet’s stay. However, there are some places that may charge separately per pet and night stay.

Most of these hotels require a deposit at check-in which is then refunded as long as your pet does not cause any damage to hotel property. There are some places that may allow dogs, but do not allow their feline counterparts to get lost within the hotel premises. Some of these hotels do not tolerate dogs whose barking causes annoyance to other guests staying at the hotel.

Many hotels restrict pets to “smoking rooms” or some rooms that are classified as “pet friendly,” but pet-related policies and fees are often constantly changing. It is prudent to make all inquiries about it before registering in one of these hotels. Also, some hotels even advertise the weight limit allowed for pets. The reservation forms for most of these hotels also have a special column that asks you about any special requirements your pet may have.

With Florida’s plethora of pet-friendly beaches, a well-planned vacation can be a memorable experience for you and your adorable pet.

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