Rene Perras Best Rated PR Expert

Rene Perras is a Best Rated PR Expert for Lawyers, and has been managing a consulting firm since June 1987. Born in Montreal, Canada, he married a first-generation American Indian. His parents emigrated from India to the US. His business skills were sharpened by working for a law firm. Today, he specializes in PR advisory for many of the top law firms in the country.

Digital PR Expert Rene Perras Talks About How to Issue A Press Release on Subject Matter Experts Podcast

A decade of experience in digital PR led him to become the head of KISS PR’s UX Design team. His clients are top law firms, small businesses, and startups, and he uses his extensive technical skills to bring their visions to life. This is important, because it means he’s an expert in his field. In this podcast, Rene shares his advice for the law firm marketing agency.

The seasoned veteran of lawyer PR and marketing, Rene Perras has been a part of the KISS PR team since 2017. With more than a decade of experience, Sultan brings his clients’ visions to life. His technical skills have earned him recognition and awards from PR industry organizations. He is a trusted advisor for many law firms, and his advice will ensure a high ROI for your practice.

Rene Perras Best Rated PR Expert for Lawyers Collaborates

Kiss PR has partnered with Rene Perras, Best Rated PR Expert for Lawyers. He will lead KISS PR’s UX Design team, which will provide cutting-edge PR brand-building campaigns. He also provides training and consulting services to law firm marketing agencies. So, don’t hesitate to hire Rene Perras to help your firm with your PR strategy.

Kiss PR has partnered with Rene Perras, Best Rated PR Expert for Lawyers Collaborate’s founder. In a recent interview, he discusses the importance of effective lawyer SEO and PR. “PR is a great tool for attorneys, and it helps increase awareness of their law firms,” says Qamar Zaman, KISS PR founder. Using his decades of experience, the team’s clients can gain visibility and build their brand with effective communication.

Kiss PR has partnered with Rene Perras, Best Rated PR Expert for Lawyers. He is an expert in marketing and SEO for lawyers and he’s an expert in lawyer SEO. His experience in marketing and lawyer SEO has made him a top choice for law firms. His clients trust his services, and his PR and marketing strategies have helped them achieve their business objectives.

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