“Studying in the UK, housing problem has always been a study in many families are very concerned about. A comfortable living environment, can let the mood become more happy. Good in a foreign land below show you four key students student accommodation in Edinburgh, fast and see it.

Students study in Britain rented apartment key one:
When I started looking for a house, at the end of the selected house to sign the contract, a share for nearly three weeks. Summer school classes very nervous in the morning, I usually only action in the afternoon. Sometimes a day to keep a few houses, a lot of time to go home, has been nearly 9 PM. Thanks to summer, the sunshine time is long, is safe.

Students study in Britain rented apartment key 2:
London newspapers have housing space, information is very detailed, and the domestic similar, is often like a classified AD page layout, according to the geographical location of the house inside list the simple information of the house, some photos. But the newspaper usually housing housing intermediary, you can only get in touch with the company, not directly linked to the landlord. In addition, LOOT website also has a lot of student rented apartment, just type in the zip code where you want to live, you can also choose you think reasonable price range, the search engine will automatically put the qualified information listed.

As a student, can also contact the school Housing, Office, ask for Housing listing (Housing, a List). Because the school has the responsibility to solve the problem of all the international Edinburgh student accommodation, if there is no application to the student’s dormitory, the school the student accommodation office will provide free listing. List the specific location of the house, the buses, the subway station near the house and the price of the house, of course, the landlord’s contact information. As far as I know, there are some people, is in the domestic study in the UK rent student apartment information found on the BBS. Some graduating students, their housing information on the BBS, most of these houses are 8, due in September. Though the rent of student apartment information is so vast, but the experience of a n experienced person or cautions: careful selection properties, lest cause needless trouble to oneself.

Students study in Britain rented apartment key 3:
If the school from the Housing, the Housing Office gave a house I found on the List. Contrast subway map, put the house within two subway station near the school first circle, then compare the rent. My principle is that under the condition of gas, water and electricity fee without package, must be cheaper than school students in the dormitory. In the end I framed the dozen. There is a call for the landlord house list. Phone calls, to explain where get rental housing information, very interested to the landlord that you take a look at, the meeting time to make an appointment with the landlord. Very simple a few words. Some landlords receive will ask some details, such as where you come from, where to learn, a total of a few people, and so on, it is ok to answer truthfully. After the good time to make an appointment with the landlord, is about to meet agreed location. Landlord requires basically meet you straight to the house, very few people would come out to pick you up. So at this time the map is an essential tool. , because of the language, it is better to let the landlord the important spelling out, lest meet that day go to success.

Students study in Britain rented apartment key 4: sign the contract must be signed
House is determined, and the landlord sign a contract. Britain has some website will provide rental apartment contract students, had better be in when signing a contract to look at these sites. Contract will be written clear obligations and landlord rented the student apartment of obligation, must look carefully before signing. The landlord will come up with a list of furniture, the above is a list of all the furniture in the rooms, and the degree of old and new. After careful comparison list and furniture, can sign it. I personally feel this link is relatively simple, because in the process of negotiating with the landlord before, I already have some knowledge of landlord’s personality, character, at the same time he also established a trust to me, so the process of signing a contract is more like a kind of form. , of course, if you are not very comfortable, you can find some law of friends to look at the contract and then sign it.

If you have any questions about student accommodation Edinburgh, welcome to call the small house, we will arrange professional consultant for you to do detailed answer seriously.

Edinburgh student accommodation, the four key must understand!”

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