Parts BBQ is the leading supplier of restaurant equipment parts, foodservice parts, and commercial kitchen equipment parts in the US. We offer only quality products. We offer same day shipping through us. Qualitative replacement parts for restaurant equipment throughout the United States.

We offer all types of restaurant parts, commercial kitchen equipment parts, and food service pale sale prices.

About one of our main manufacturers:
In 1919, a Swedish multinational corporation founded Electrolux, Electrolux owns
its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, state of North America. electrolux
manufactures a wide range of equipment. Electrolux sources are almost
vacuum-bound, but today it also manufactures large household appliances. During 1919, a
Svenska Elektron AB’s ownership, Elektromekaniska AB, became Electrolux, in 1957
spelling changed to Electrolux.
Electrolux, one of the world masters in home appliances and appliances for
professional use, in 150 countries each year selling more than 40 million
products to customers. Our focus is on modifications that are carefully
intended, based on extensive buyer insight, to meet the actual needs of users
and professionals. Our products include vacuum cleaners, refrigerators,
Dishwashers, washing machines and cookers sold under esteemed brands such as
Electrolux, Eureka, AEG-Electrolux, Zanussi and Frigidaire. In 2008, Electrolux had
sales of SEK 105 billion and 54,000 employees.
Your refrigeration appliance is exceptionally energy efficient for conscientious
food service professionals. Select PartsBBQ to choose from a unique inventory
inventory of genuine OEM parts from Electrolux parts.
In the world, Electrolux Parts is the only restaurant equipment company capable of
we offer complete kitchens of a single brand. More than the sum of its parts,
Genuine Electrolux foodservice products work together as an efficient system to
provide higher productivity, hygiene and lower operating costs.
To keep staff and customers happy, Electrolux Parts, an appliance giant, offers
industry leading laundry solutions with an endless variety of energy saving and
efficiency features. Organized in the early 20th century, Electrolux set the standard for
providing exceptional laundry solutions to the world’s leading healthcare providers
institutions and hotels. Our collection of Electrolux clothing spare parts
guarantees that your machines will continue to deliver unprecedented productivity for
Electrolux Parts is a manufacturer of full line kitchen and laundry appliances.
appliances and a favorite in professional kitchens and five-star hotels. Their
dryers, ovens, washing machines, stoves, refrigerators and other essential machines are
Known for its high quality and performance. In addition, its classic style and
gleaming exteriors make them look as good as they perform. keep your gear

of well-cared-for Electrolux instruments for optimum productivity and reliability by
using Electrolux parts and manuals from PartsBBQ.
PartsBBQ has the 100% genuine Electrolux replacement parts you need
for your repairs or regular maintenance. Our professional aftermarket enthusiasts are here
to help you get the right part, at the right time.
Buy your Electrolux spare parts at PartsBBQ. Our Electrolux range parts covers
everything you need to repair your Electrolux appliance. The BBQ pieces are the
expert in appliance parts and all of our parts are available to buy online. we are sure
we have the Electrolux parts you need to repair your appliance.

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