There are many great role-playing games for PC available online. For the murder mystery fanatic eager to play a detective, computer adaptations of Agatha Christie’s novels are a great way to practice your detective skills in the armchair. In this article you will find details of some great examples of the mystery detective RPG genre.

In the PC games Murder on the Orient Express and And Then There Were None RPG, the protagonist is a new character created especially for these games. While in the original Agatha Christie stories parts of the narrative did not always include the main character, the game developers have designed these 2 role-playing games for PC with the role-player in mind and have included new characters in each of these. adaptations. This gives games a central role to play.

Agatha Christie’s murder on the Orient Express is found on the famous luxury train. As the new character, Antoinette, you work alongside famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot to investigate the murder committed on this infamous train. All passengers will soon become potential suspects, and with the hints and advice of your mentor Poirot, you must use your little gray cells to uncover clues and put your detective skills to work to catch the killer. Unlike the original story, Hercule Poirot is injured such that he cannot move from his sleeping carriage, and this allows him to take on the role of the main detective, collecting clues, interviewing suspects and gathering information to solve puzzles of who and how the murder was committed.

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie is a thriller about ten strangers who are invited to a luxurious mansion on a remote island. Through a phonograph recording made by their mysterious host, each of them is accused of murder and he proceeds to explain that he is going to do them justice. One by one, the ten people are cut down through a cunning invisible assassin. Since the eleventh character was also stranded on the island, you are forced to use your detective skills to discover the killer. The new role you play in And Then There Were None is that of the ferryman Patrick Narracott. In your role as an independent observer, you must play the role of detective. This includes eavesdropping on conversations, collecting items, and uncovering clues to help you find the killer. You also have the added stress of knowing that everyone on the island is both potential murders and victims, and that the island’s inhabitants are eliminated one by one.

False tracks and closed areas (which in these examples are the trapped Orient Express train and an isolated island cut off from the mainland) are smart devices used by Agatha Christie in her classic stories. But they are also very useful gadgets in these downloadable computer games. As with all role-playing games on PC, they are not a test of your physical or combat prowess, but rather a tactical challenge involving other non-action games, such as collecting and manipulating objects, solving problems and deciphering. riddles. Both games have great appeal to fans of RPGs and murder mystery games alike.

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