For decades, Puerto Rico is one of the most famous countries and a well-known destination that many people take the opportunity to visit the place and to this day, it is still popular. The place offers everything you want to do like learning about its culture and history in San Juan and going to the beautiful beaches you want to go to if you are planning to work for a tan colored skin. It will give you the opportunity to select the fantastic resorts where you will love to practice water sports, swimming, for friends and families, for lovers, couples and if you want to be alone you can have this place for yourself. Stay here.

Speaking of the amazing San Juan beaches in the area, there is one water activity that people surely love to do once they go swimming and want to have a nice and fun day. How about going to the beaches that are crystal clear blue water along the Caribbean coast that connects with the coasts of the southern part of Puerto Rico are the best beaches for snorkeling. Why not have your first stop in the best known place where it is visited by many tourists for its popularity, San Juan snorkeling? As you proceed with the activity, you have to be very careful about what you are doing and the surroundings. There are also nearby Isla Verde and Luquillo beaches, DIY, and the San Juan Bay Marina where you can snorkel.

Another great place to snorkel as you continue your tour of Puerto Rico is the coasts of Culebra and Vieques, also known for being two remote islands that can be found right off the mainland and less populated compared to Puerto Rico’s famous snorkeling beaches. . . On the mainland you can witness the wonderful coral formations to the east of the beaches of San Juan el Fajardo which is very attractive to the eye and you cannot feel bored in this place.

There are still other San Juan beaches to choose from where you can get your snorkel gear along with your outfit and go snorkeling at a beach near Guánica, Playa La Parguera. If you want to explore the colorful tropical fish and the abundance of the great coral reef, go to the island of Caja de Muertos.

So what are you looking for now? The places where you can have a fun activity like snorkeling, now you can as you go to continue your vacation in Puerto Rico. The beaches are really nice that you can enjoy and have a good time staying in a place where it gives you satisfaction and relaxation in a way that you have a happy vacation. These are just some of the popular beaches that you can have for your water activities. Always think about your safety so that there are no problems that you may experience. Take care of yourself. Be happy.

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