When I was a little boy, I was inexplicably drawn to the sea. As an adult, this fascination continues in the form of sea fishing. I find it quite exciting to be standing on a beach or on a rocky headland, looking at the ocean, knowing that there are fish out there, waiting to be caught. However, knowledge is never enough. Although I fish from land, most of the time I venture out in my small boat to test the waters. For rugged sea fishing excursions, you must have the best sea fishing equipment you can afford. Here’s some information on one of my favorite sea fishing reels, the Penn 320LD Gear Lever Drag Boat Reel.

About the Penn 320LD Lever Drag Boat Reel

First, I want to emphasize the importance of light weight on a boat reel. An angler must be able to move quickly around the boat, so his reel should weigh as little as possible. At only 21 ounces, this reel fits quite well. A lightweight reel leaves me free to respond quickly and change positions easily as the fight progresses. Plus, using a lightweight reel helps keep me from getting tired on those extra-long fishing excursions. When I was shopping for a boat reel, I chose a Penn model, in large part because of the company’s reputation for producing reels that tolerate ruthless punishment but offer superior performance.

Features of the Penn 320LD Gear Lever Trawler Reel

I am a fan of lever drag reels and this Penn does not disappoint. It has an extremely powerful yet superbly smooth drag system. The 320LD contains 4 aircraft grade stainless steel ball bearings as well as a stainless steel pinion. The main gear is manganese bronze for maximum corrosion resistance. Penn has done a good job of addressing the weight issue by using a lightweight, high-tech graphite frame that is as functional as it is attractive. The spool is made of anodized aluminum. Anodizing, by the way, is a way to make aluminum more durable and strong. Without being too technical, I can say that in the anodizing process, aluminum undergoes a chemical process that creates a strong and fortified surface coating. Finally, the 320LD has a stainless steel level wind. Expect to pay around £ 199.99 (£ 134.99 special offer) for this reel.

More about Penn 320LD

The 320LD reel will have an ample capacity of 380 yards of 15 pound test line. The gear ratio is 4.3: 1. I have found this reel invaluable for fishing in challenging locations, such as over wrecks and rough terrain. With the updated lever drag function that replaces the old star system, this reel is greatly updated. I appreciate how easy it is now to change the drag tension with the flip of a switch. Better!

If you are looking for a serious piece of sea fishing tackle, the Penn 320LD Multiplier Drag Boat Reel is one that you must add to your collection.

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