Adding a new dog to the family is like adding a new baby. They both need the essentials to start their new life in the new family. These essential items secure both dog and owner, making both feel comfortable.

If you have a new dog coming to the house, here is a checklist of items to buy ahead of time to keep on hand.

  • Dog food: choose a high-quality food that is appropriate for the age and size of your new dog; ask your vet for recommendations.
  • Dog Food and Water Bowls – Bowls should be heavy so they cannot be tipped over easily. Stainless steel and ceramic are best, but be careful with stainless steel bowls that get hot in the sun and plastic will encourage bacteria growth. Elevated bowls are ideal for older dogs and dogs that have trouble bending over.
  • Dog Toys – Shop a selection of high-quality rawhide and nylon bones that provide teething relief. Stuffed toys and play toys like balls or Kongskeepdogs active
  • Dog grooming tools such as a brush, flea comb, shampoo, and nail clipper are the basic tools.
  • Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste – Keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. These can be purchased at the vet or a pet store.
  • Dog Crate – Choose the right size crate, usually big enough for your dog to stand up and move around comfortably, but not big enough for him to escape the mess they create. A partitioned dog crate is ideal for a puppy because the crate can then be adjusted as the pup grows.
  • Dog Bed – A bed is a must if your dog doesn’t sleep in a crate.
  • Dog Collar and Leash: Buy an adjustable nylon or flat leather collar and check to see if it fits if your dog is still growing as a puppy. You should be able to put 2 fingers under the collar to test for looseness and the collar should not be able to slip out of the ears. Leash must be 4-6 feet long for walking
  • Identification tag: The identification tag must include your name, address, dog’s name, and your telephone number.
  • Dog Treats for Training – Soft treats to help with training. They encourage a dog to learn and feel appreciated.
  • Baby Gates: to block stairs or areas out of reach of your dog. They also offer protection.

All of these ideas for your new dog shopping checklist will help your pet be happy and adjust to a new life with you and your family.

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