Anyone can write a few books and easily start publishing their own books. The hard part is becoming a financially successful self-publisher. The reality of publishing is that most authors and self-publishers make little or no money from publishing. You should understand that it will take a lot of time and effort on your part to get your posts to start generating income. Here are some great ways to get started, without going crazy or upsetting your family.

1. Keep your current job and think carefully about what you would like to post.

Do a lot of research and reflect on the topic you are going to write about. What will your specialty, experience or niche be?

2. Keep your current job and write and post a topic that you like.

You will spend many hours on your writing, promotion, marketing and sales, etc. You won’t get far if you don’t have a passion for your topic (niche).

3. Keep your current job and involve your family in your plans, especially your spouse.

Your spouse, in most circumstances, should be your partner in your new business. They have as much to gain or lose as you. Therefore, they will be highly motivated to help make it a success.

4. Keep your current job and get professional help for your business.

This means an accountant (for financial planning and taxes) and a lawyer (for copyright, trademark, and business start-ups). These are not things you should try to do on your own to save a few bucks.

5. Keep your current job and keep your new business lean (keep expenses to a minimum).

The smart use of the Internet gives you the ability to run an entire business from home, very economically, efficiently and without employees.

6. Keep your current job and become an amazing employee at work.

You must continue to do your job well; lose it and you could lose it all.

7. Keep your current job and save your business profits, and reinvest it when necessary.

Use the proceeds to set up the business infrastructure (LLC, copyrights, computers, etc.) that your business needs.

8. Keep your job current and create a schedule for your writing, your business, and your personal time.

Make lists of things to do, accomplish, accomplish, so that you and your new business stay on track for success. And always make time for your family, without exception.

9. Keep your current job and don’t complain about your challenging work schedule, especially when you’re at that job.

Co-workers don’t want to hear you, and it will damage your reputation at work. And never let your family hear you complain, this will upset everyone. Once your desktop publishing business has been running for a while, scheduling and time management are less of a problem.

10. Keep your current job and wait longer than you want to quit that job.

At least until your desktop publishing can provide enough income to cover all your living expenses. If you have a family, double or triple the amount of income needed. If your work is what gives you credibility in the eyes of your readers, which will help you sell more copies, then you may want to keep that work.


Now you need to understand that if you already have a paid job, the best way to start and maintain your new desktop publishing business is to keep your paid job and do both together. And, in most cases, it’s pretty easy to keep your regular job (for medical benefits, retirement savings, regular paycheck, industry contacts) and also run your desktop publishing business (for extra income, fame , credibility, retirement and income business, creative outlet) at the same time. Plus, staying employed while building your desktop publishing business is the best way to dive into the entrepreneurial waters. Good luck.

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