While most of us would love to have Carrie Bradshaw’s dressing room, the reality is that not everyone has access to an unlimited wad of money or closet space. With the ever-changing world of fashion, most simply wouldn’t know where to start. And so, more often than not, our best bet is to make the most of our current wardrobe until we’re ready for some serious retail therapy. Even with life’s conflicting priorities and personal responsibilities, our latest wardrobe can be out of reach.

Our natural instinct is sometimes to just ‘shop’ to fill the gap in our wardrobe. Whether you shop at Target or are into high fashion, anyone can look stylish on a tight budget. And let’s be honest, not everyone can afford the luxury tag price every season.

So in the meantime, here are some tips to get the most out of creating a winning wardrobe without breaking the bank and working out your plastic card.

• Shop from your closet: Revisit old favorites or something you haven’t worn or given much thought to in a long time. Give them a try and combine them with your new favourites, you will be pleasantly surprised.

• Be creative: changing the buttons can transform an old jacket in an instant. Even dyeing an old t-shirt can give it a new lease of life.

• Accessorize: By adding a scarf, brooch or pinning it to your bracelets or necklace chains, a drab outfit can be given the ‘WOW’ factor.

• Trash n’ Treasure: Shop at flea markets or do a clothing ‘swap’ with your friends – one person’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

• High and Low: If you’re lucky enough to have some designer pieces, mix them in with high street pieces so you’re not a walking designer billboard. Accentuate your style with a few personal pieces.

• Cover up: A suit jacket can quickly spruce up a simple outfit and give you a polished look.

• If the shoe fits: If you have a favorite pair of shoes that still look great, why not add some accessories, which you can buy online or make yourself?

• Cut It Up – If you have an old pair of jeans that you can’t bear to throw away, why not turn them into shorts? Denim is a classic look and you’ll still be able to wear it for a couple of seasons.

• Be neat: There’s something about neat, filed nails, great skin and a healthy glow that completes an outfit. Good personal hygiene is essential and non-negotiable.

Command respect and get ready to turn heads and enhance your style. Make the most of what you have and be creative.