Now that the popularity of cats dwarfs that of dogs, people ask: What kind of cat would be best for me? This is a question that will involve looking at yourself, your lifestyle, that of your home and who else is in it; and not only to children, but also to other pets that you have. That old saying “fight like cats and dogs” has some truth, but on the other hand there are cat and dog homes where the duo (or more) get along like Milo and Otis. Then there are those types of pets that can definitely be difficult to match with a cat or cats, and then there are other circumstances, for example, people who have known allergies of any kind or whose children also have allergies. hear from people whose child was developing respiratory or asthmatic problems where parents were so taken aback by their child’s continued sobbing, sneezing, and even shortness of breath, only to find it was due to dander from the family cat, and It was heartbreaking having to relocate Fluffy.

Many people consider a cat’s temperament and personality to be a determining factor in choosing one for adoption, and with good reason. Ideally, you want a cat that is not so predisposed to being sarcastic, aggressive, or abnormally skittish. While cats are generally independent, solitary, playful, and intelligent, supplies vary as long as the day is long. When you have a cat with a somewhat difficult personality in addition to other cat-related quirks, you may have to deal with unexpected stresses. You don’t want that if you can help it, especially if you have small children or other pets around. Also keep YOUR personality and needs in mind when considering how you can fit in with certain different cat breeds. If you appreciate the idea of ​​having a loyal, attached type of cat who will be happy to “own” you indefinitely, Siamese and Oriental shorthairs are in this “very loyal to their owner” category.

Although I’m talking about allergies or dander, some cats require more care than others. The Angoras, Persians, and Himalayas are in this category. Yes, it is true that cats are groomed regularly, but there is a limit to the luxurious long-haired varieties, as their coats easily tangle and tangle without proper brushing. This is something you should start doing early in your cat’s life (preferably when he’s a kitten so that he gets used to the idea and routine). Short- and medium-haired cats may need less grooming, but don’t pay attention to daily brushing. as a “homework”. It is also for your benefit! Also, in my experience, long- and medium-haired cats tend to have more docile dispositions and less aggressive tendencies. Now if you suffer from allergies, this is an important topic to think about. There is a breed called the Sphinx, known as the “hairless cat.” They can be odd-looking, perhaps mischievous in appearance, but from what I’ve heard they’re smart and have BIG personalities. And obviously, remove much less dander so you don’t have to give up your longing for a cat as a companion due to allergy issues. As a result, rex have short, rough / rough fur and less dander; They also have lovely personalities!

Right now, Ragdolls are very popular and sought after. Great disposition, mild temperament, beautiful color patterns, they are a bit large in size (like the Maine Coon) but it is recommended not to spend time outdoors as they are not as quick to defend themselves from their enemies. The Ragdoll may be ideal for my home, but I have to take into account the fact that I also have two other cats and one of them is quite territorial. So if you already have a cat or other type of pet, keep that in mind. The best duos or trios of cats tend to be cats that grew up together (as littermates). With a common bond of familiarity, it is easier to bridge the gap in social dynamics that occurs with getting along than cats who are introduced to cats they do not know or are not related to.

Although there is always a segment of the population that favors exotic breeds, or some that have some sort of blue blood status, the most important part of your task here when choosing a cat is asking yourself which personality traits are most important to you. ; including energy level, temperament, attitude, or “feline attitude” And determine if those traits will fit your lifestyle as well as those of your home. You may even want to give up the notion that you should research the “designer” breeds. I’ve heard stories of people who have found a cat (or sometimes the cat found them) unexpectedly somewhere, and that it was a match made in feline heaven! There have been three-legged or blind cats who have found wonderful and loving owners; Sometimes that “designer” thing can just go out the window when you happen to discover the perfect friend one day at a shelter or at an Adoption Day event. So try to familiarize yourself with some resources like these … a cat might choose YOU one day!

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