Sports fans know that a pair of Cincinnati Bengals tickets secures them the opportunity to enjoy high-flying soccer action from a talented team. The 2008 season was not the great year that was expected, but it did see some fascinating performances. Is Cincinnati going to use the 2009 draft to add that needed depth? It remains to be seen, but eager fans are already anticipating some phenomenal games as soon as fall rolls around.

Brown responsible for the birth of Bengals

The American Football League welcomed the Cincinnati Bengals as an expansion team 40 years ago in 1968. Paul Brown had coached the Cleveland Browns in the past and took over the coaching duties for this new team. It was Brown who spearheaded the effort to bring a second professional team to Ohio State. Brown chose the Bengals name to honor some earlier professional football groups that had established themselves in the city during the 1930s and 1940s. The Bengals’ first season began positively with 2 home wins, but ended with a disappointing 3-11 record. However, this was the most wins for any expansion football franchise of the 1960s era. With Brown’s guidance and experience, Cincinnati won its AFC Central title in 1970 and was the first team of expansion in winning a championship in its first years of competition. They had to wait a few years, but in 1981 the Cincinnati Bengals tickets were hotter than ever when these players made their first Super Bowl debut.

Highlights of the Brash Tiger Cubs

Ken Anderson was chosen as the team’s quarterback in 1971, and although he had been selected with the third pick in the draft, he would become the team’s leader for the next 16 years. The team won a second AFC Central title in 1973 and earned a wild card berth in the 1975 playoffs. In their breakout 1981 season, the Bengals brought out their new tiger stripes that adorned their helmets and uniforms and conquered the AFC Central once again with a 12-4 record. They then defeated San Diego 27-7 and used their tiger power to advance to Super Bowl XVI against San Francisco. The Big Title eluded the younger team when they fell in a close 26-21. Boomer Esiason was the quarterback for the Bengals in their second Super Bowl opportunity during 1988. The team defeated Buffalo 21-10 to claim the AFC championship and narrowly missed out on the title in Super Bowl XXIII when Joe Montana converted a last-ditch touchdown pass to outscore the Bengals 20-16.

The future is waiting to be written

For fans, there is much optimism and excitement in the air as they step back from the 2008 season and look ahead to the coming months of 2009. Tickets for the Cincinnati Bengals are forecast to be selling out quickly again as Carson Palmer and his teammates team prepare to go out on the field. The draft will include some new players and fans are hoping to see Stacy Andrews recover from knee surgery and take his place on the Bengals’ offensive line. What the new season holds for this young team remains to be seen, but it will definitely include some exciting games played all the way to the end.

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