When we moved into our “new” home several years ago, we hated the heavy, oversized curtains that hung over the sliding door. It was too wide, too long, and so thick that our kitchen was not getting much-needed light. We didn’t really think we could afford a new window treatment, so we tried dry cleaning the existing curtains and cutting them to size. Unfortunately, when the fabric was being dry cleaned, it literally fell to pieces. So, after all, we are faced with finding a new sliding glass door window treatment. Our dilemma, aside from financial concerns, was what type of window covering would be best, and back then, there wasn’t much to choose from.

It’s hard to know what type of window treatment to put on a sliding glass door. We wanted something that wouldn’t take up a lot of space when opened and would let in a lot of light. Therefore, we settled on woven wood screens. They were beautiful and folded up when not in use. However, it wasn’t long before the ropes that operated them broke under the weight of the blinds, and we found that our new kitty liked to climb up them, snagging the fabric completely. Obviously, we hadn’t chosen the right shades for our lifestyle.

After the woven blind fiasco, we couldn’t decide what we’d like best, even though we knew it wasn’t going to be those ugly vertical blinds that were available at the time. Fortunately, we heard about Pella sliding doors that have louvers between the glass, so we installed a new door and it turned out to be the perfect answer. Of course, it was also a very expensive option and one that many homeowners wouldn’t need to use, because there’s nothing wrong with the doors they have. However, it is an excellent option that is available.

Many new treatments for sliding glass doors have been introduced to the market since then, giving homeowners some options that we didn’t. Homeowners also have the Internet, where they can shop and compare prices before making a final decision.

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