The author of this book absolutely sparks readers’ imaginations with new information revealed about Elvis Presley. Donald Hinton, MD, is a physician who has specialized in the field of psychiatry. The doctor lives in the state of Missouri and practices medicine in two different hospitals. But this is not what his new book is about. Dr. Hinton claims that a mutual friend introduced him to Elvis Presley.

Dr. Hinton explains that Elvis Presley is really alive and well. However, he suffers from chronic pain syndrome. When a mutual friend introduced him to Elvis, he discovered some differences with the man who claimed to be the former King of Rock-and-Roll. It appears that Elvis has changed his name to Jesse. This is the name of Elvis’ twin brother, who died at birth. From this point on, I will address Elvis, as Jesse, as Dr. Hinton has.

When Dr. Hinton puts Jesse in, he examined him as a patient. He discovered that Jesse suffered from chronic pain syndrome. Although this is not his area of ​​expertise, the doctor was able to treat Jesse for his problem. During the time she treated Jesse, she developed a close relationship with him. Dr. Hinton states that it is easy to see that Jesse is Elvis. Besides getting old, the man is obviously Elvis Presley.

Dr. Hinton claims that Jesse was able to go to his old home, Graceland, and find a set of twins in his old room. He claims that Jesse gave him the twins as further proof of his identity. When Dr. Hinton tries to probe Jesse on how he is surviving financially these days, he discovers that Jesse has a number of cash and liquid assets that will last him a long time. However, he was vanquished from his old home, Graceland, when Elvis Presley Enterprises found out about him.

Dr. Hinton explains that he was intrigued that Jesse has no credibility in the eyes of his former friends and family. However, given the evidence Jesse provided, it wasn’t impossible for her story to be true.

Dr. Hinton claims that Jesse also offers various FBI files that would be difficult for anyone other than Elvis to obtain. Dr. Hinton claims that Jesse is living a very isolated life, but he enjoys daily activities that Elvis was never able to experience.

Although the book is about Dr. Hinton’s relationship with Jesse, it is considered an autobiography.

I really liked the detail that Dr. Hinton provides in his book about the different times he met and visited with Jesse, along with some details about the FBI files. Give details about Elvis’s voice and the striking similarities between Jesse and Elvis. His detail seems to make his story very credible.

However, what I don’t like about the book is that it doesn’t give specific information about what Jesse is currently up to. It also doesn’t give specific information about where Jesse lives. It seems like Jesse has several different houses, each in different states.

At first I thought the book was an attempt to capitalize on Elvis Presley. Although I have not ruled out this suspicion, it cannot be denied that Dr. Hinton has provided information to his readers that would not be available unless one had a connection to Elvis.

Obviously, the truth exists. However, as in many other books and statements, you must come to your own conclusion.

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