Vertical Inkjet Marking Machine

The vertical inkjet marking machine is an important machine used for the continuous printing process of inks on products or packages. This technology has its origins in the 18th century, when Lord Kelvin patented a device that records telegraph signals on paper using a jet of ink deflected by a magnetic coil. In 1951, Siemens produced the first commercially available device, based on his patent US2566443.

The patent US3596285A describes the preferred ink for this machine. It must have a viscosity and surface tension high enough to sustain the jet under a force. It also must be able to impart sufficient energy to carry the jet. The ideal ink should have good optical contrast. It must be able to maintain the proper volume of the jet and have an effective surface tension. The ink is then sprayed onto the object.

The C2 AROJET model uses a KONICA piezoelectric 1024 print head. This large printing area improves the efficiency of production. The fully enclosed, water-proof print head enables you to print 8 different kinds of ink droplets. With a resolution of 360*300dpi, it is capable of high-quality printing with a high-speed. With its medium-speed printing capabilities, the C2 model is a versatile machine that meets the diverse data inkjet coding and marking needs of a wide range of applications.

This printing machine uses a compact head design that allows it to print at high speeds from any orientation or direction. Its modular structure makes maintenance easier. It can be mounted on filling machines and packaging machines, and even has the capacity to print barcodes and lot codes. Its compact design makes it possible to easily install and dismantle it on various applications. It also has a built-in data processor.

The Vertical Inkjet Marking Machine

A vertical inkjet marking machine is an important tool for the production of labels and other products. It is the preferred solution for printing on a wide range of surfaces, including plastic, glass, and metal. This machine is equipped with an ink reservoir with a pressure-inhibiting valve. It has a nozzle that is designed to print from both directions. It is the perfect solution for a number of packaging applications.

The vertical inkjet marking machine can be used in many applications. The printer can print on many types of materials, including bottles and jars. Its compact design allows it to mount on packaging machines and filling machines. The inkjet printing machine can also be used to print on different kinds of objects. In addition to labels, this machine can print on a variety of surfaces. Its advantages are the speed of the printer and the quality of the printed products.

A continuous inkjet printer is easy to operate and requires less maintenance. The printer can be operated by anyone and is very easy to clean. It also has a built-in sensor that can detect ink residues and other issues. The ink cartridges are separated from the print heads and can be replaced separately for easy cleaning. In addition, the unit can be operated by one person or a team of people. The website provides comprehensive information on continuous inkjet printers, from basic information about the internal structure to practical knowledge on how to install it.

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