tomb Raider it was one of the most exciting video games that I had the pleasure of playing for my original PlayStation. I remember being captivated by the combination of action, adventure, and puzzle solving. And who doesn’t like running around shooting wolves with a pair of semiautomatic pistols? Sadly, my infatuation with tomb Raider did not last. After an astonishing sequel, the games quickly began to plummet, eventually colliding with a burning shipwreck with the PS2. Angel of Darkness. Years later, when the franchise was revived with Tomb Raider Legend, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back. But I did, and the game exceeded my expectations.

Now that tomb Raider has arrived on PlayStation 3 with Tomb Raider underworld (and, soon, the tomb Raider reboot), Lara Croft’s last two games (Legend and Anniversary) from developer Crystal Dynamics were updated to HD resolution and bundled together with Underworld for fans to enjoy again. Legend it’s a whole new adventure (or was it a new one) for Lara Croft after things went horribly wrong Angel of Darkness and finds her going back to her jungle explorer and grave robber roots. Anniversary go back and retell the story of the original game. It’s not a reboot, but rather a retelling of that original game, with updates that focus on a more impressive level design, more dynamic effects, and smoother controls.

One of the coolest things about this collection is that apart from the fact that all of these are tomb Raider games, the three titles included function as a trilogy, with elements appearing in Legend and Anniversary who come to influence Underworld. Not only are these three games really fun to play, but they work almost like a cohesive story, providing a much longer narrative thread than many games could do well on their own.

In various cases of PlayStation 2 games that go through the HD upgrade process, what you get on the other side is like what happens when I try to make a casserole – it sounds good, but when it comes out of the oven, no one is there. hungry more. Here, however, the images are quite good. While you can still tell the first two aren’t native PS3 games, back and forth between them and Underworld it didn’t distract me at all. That speaks not only to the excellent job of reworking the visuals, but also, I think, to the story and elements of the game.

It’s hard to find a time when the collection stumbles. However, if I were to pick one that was my least favorite, it would have to be Underworld. The controls can be a bit shaky at times, but then again, that’s nothing new to him. tomb Raider games. Legend and AnniversaryHowever, they are shining examples of what exceptional games can be. And this collection proves that these increasingly popular HD collections don’t have to be of poor quality. Instead, they can open up a world of exceptional games for a new generation of people who want to dive deep into the earth and explore the dark tombs. Tea Tomb Raider HD Trilogy it’s available from your local Slackers.