“Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential,” says Robbins. “Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions and get better answers as a result.”

It is by being honest with yourself and having an open internal dialogue that you will set yourself on the path to success. “You and I have that same power at our disposal at all times of the day,” says Robbins. “Right now, the questions we ask ourselves can shape our perception of who we are, what we’re capable of, and what we’re willing to do to achieve our dreams.”

How do you really want to live?
What excites you the most?
When do you feel stuck?
What kind of person will you have to become to achieve everything you want?

These are some of the questions Robbins suggests you ask yourself and answer honestly. “Genuine quality of life comes from consistent, quality questions,” says Robbins. If you ask yourself a great question, your mind will automatically focus on finding better answers and solutions. On the contrary, “if you ask a terrible question, you will get a terrible answer,” he says. “Your mental computer is always ready to serve you, and any question you ask it is sure to get an answer.”

Throughout his career, Robbins has focused on a single question: what makes a difference in the quality of people’s lives? Since then, he has come to realize that it is what we ask ourselves and how well we look within ourselves for the answers that plays a key role. Not only does this help us understand our own inner motivations, but it also helps focus our thoughts.

Every night before you go to sleep, Robbins suggests asking yourself the following three questions:
What have I learned today?
What have I enjoyed today?
What have I improved or contributed today?

Simple questions, but with powerful effects. “Most people never feel safe because they’re always worried about losing their job, losing money they already have, losing their spouse, losing their health, etc,” says Robbins. “The only true security in life comes from knowing that every day you are improving yourself in some way, that you are raising the caliber of who you are, and that you are valuable to your company, your friends, and your family.” By asking yourself the three questions above, you can work to improve yourself each day.

Every individual has the right to live a full life and questions are the key to opening that door.

“The power was given to you the moment you were born,” says Robbins. “Its source is limitless. And when you tap into it, you’ll have everything you need to create a life filled with more passion, excitement, confidence, and joy than you ever dreamed of. Isn’t it time to unleash the power within and reclaim your extraordinary potential?

This fast paced 7 minute video will enlighten you on the power of asking the right questions. Putting this simple yet extremely powerful concept to work in your own life will change your life in ways you never thought possible.

This short video below has some examples of what we ask ourselves and by simply changing the question, it is instantly empowered.

The Power of Questions Questions are a great way to access your subconscious mind, and the process is simple.

Suppose you are in a situation where you want to make a good impression. You walk up to the person you want to impress and blurt out a tactless comment. You instantly realize what you’ve done.

If you ask yourself a negative question like “Why am I always such an idiot?” your brain will come up with all sorts of reasons to answer that question. This is of no help to you either in the current situation or at any time in your life.

If instead you ask yourself, “How can I recover from this mess?” your brain will go through its memory banks to find some strategies to redeem your mistake.

In other words, your brain will always present an answer to any question you ask yourself. The answer may not necessarily be true, but your brain feels compelled to answer your questions and will do its best to present you with some sort of answer, whether it’s feasible or not.

How can you use this brain function to improve your life?

Train yourself to only ask positive questions.
Questions like “Why am I so talented?” and “How did I get so lucky?” will give you much more positive results than those that presuppose a critical response. Often the brain recognizes that many of these questions are rhetorical, in other words they don’t really require an answer, but the impact is still positive. The questions imply that you are talented or lucky, which reinforces the notion. In this sense they work in the same way as affirmations.

You ask WHY
Ask yourself, “Why do I always fail?” will inevitably lead to responses like “Because you’re such a loser!”
“How can I be successful in this company?” will lead to creative and helpful responses.
Why questions are often circular in nature and are not used in this particular process. Replace them with questions like *How can I do this? *What should I do next? *When do I have to finish this? *Where should I be right now? *What do I need to learn here?

daily questions
Anthony Robbins popularized the use of questions in his excellent Personal Power and Personal Power II tape shows. Tony devised three sets of questions: one for the morning, one for the evening, and one set to use when facing problems during the day.

1. The morning questions
Answer the following questions every morning to prepare for a positive day.

1. What makes me happiest in my life right now? What about that makes me happy? How does that make me feel? (Repeat these two sub questions after each main question)
2. What am I most excited about in my life right now?
3. What am I most proud of in my life right now?
4. What am I most grateful for in my life right now?
5. What am I enjoying the most in my life right now?
6. What am I most committed to in my life right now?
7. Who do I love? Who loves me?

2. Questions of the night
Ask yourself these questions at the end of each day before bed.

1. What have I given today?
2. What did I learn today?
3. How has today added to my life?
4. How can I use today as an investment in my future?
5. What did I do today to reach my goals?
6.Optional: Add the morning questions.

3. Problem Solving Questions
These questions are helpful when working toward a goal and/or running into a roadblock.

1. What do I need to do today to reach my goals?
2. How can I be successful and enjoy the process?
3. What can I learn from this experience?
4. What respect of this person?
5. What is funny about this situation that I haven’t noticed before?
6. What is great in my life right now?
7. How can I make this happen right now and enjoy the process?

All three sets of questions can be printed in large font on separate sheets of paper and displayed in your workspace.

This valuable lesson comes from notes taken over 2 weeks in Kona Hawaii at one of Tony’s seminars,

So I want to thank Tony Robbins.
Respectfully, George Walters

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