Having a car in need of repair can be stressful, especially when you don’t know which auto repair shop to take it to. The truth is, many car owners wait until they require auto services to start looking for a reputable service provider. But what exactly makes a good auto repair shop? Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

Excellent customer service

It all starts with that first contact you make when you call to find out about the services offered and their charges. If, on the other hand, it seems that the person is really interested in helping you, you can visit the auto repair shop. The best auto repair shops understand that customer satisfaction is key and that professionalism, respect, and open communication are part of that process.

Mechanics who are not only competent but also personable

Before a mechanic can work on your car, you need to make sure it is ASE certified. ASE stands for standards of excellence in automotive service. Depending on the type of work you need to do, you may need automotive technicians to have additional certification.

In addition to technical knowledge, it is critical that a mechanic have the personality to interact courteously with customers who bring their cars in for repair. Mechanics interact with car owners on an individual basis and as such they must know how to do it right.

Reliable warranties and guarantees

Competent auto repair shops guarantee their work and offer warranties of at least 12 months and 12,000 miles. This way, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you are receiving professional services from a competent provider who is confident in the type of services they offer.

Long hours / Flexibility

Auto emergencies happen when you least expect them. Good auto repair shops understand this, which is why they offer flexible work hours that allow you to call when an emergency occurs on a Saturday. They are open on Saturdays, they offer towing service and service of your car the same day you bring it in.

Some of the services offered by trusted companies include mechanical services, electronic ignition, alignment, auto A / C repair, tune-ups, major and minor engine repair, factory scheduled maintenance, oil changes, cooling system service, and more. others.

Membership in a cooperative marketing association

Before an auto repair shop can join a network like NARPRO, it must pass quality and integrity tests and also receive a high customer satisfaction rating.

If you’re looking for an auto repair shop that understands your needs and works hard to meet them, look for one with great services and great prices so you can be sure you’ll get all the work you need without emptying your wallet. Whether you want to do some maintenance work or your car has broken down and requires major repairs, you have the right auto repair shop for you.

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