The selection of quality wireless headphone audio for console gaming systems is surprisingly low. And since most of us probably can’t afford the option of skipping our electric bill this month to buy an Astro A30 or some Tritton gaming helmet; we must look for “more affordable” alternatives to a digital wireless gaming headset. Turtle Beach wireless headphones have been prominent in this market for a while now, primarily because they offer high-quality, enhanced gaming headsets at very affordable prices. They currently have 10 models of console gaming headsets ranging in price between $ 30 and $ 200.

In this review of the Turtle Beach headphones we examine the Ear Force X31s; a great option for gamers on a budget. The call from wireless game audio had drawn me in for some time since my wife tripped over the X11s cable several times (when my son wasn’t “borrowing” them). I finally bought these headphones when I found them at a bargain price online, and I’m so glad I did! Features of this digital wireless headset:

  • Transmitter provides rich, clear audio that enhances performance
  • Adjustable Bass Boost with Stereo Expansion Effects
  • VERY comfortable fabric pads for all-night play
  • Wireless convenience and security – no tangled cables, no tripping over cables
  • Solid and comfortable construction
  • Excellent for not disturbing others or playing undisturbed
  • High sensitivity microphone with robust and flexible boom
  • Now with a big discount

It took me around 7-8 minutes to connect the digital wireless RF transmitter (please note when using HDMI video, you MUST use Xbox HD AV cable). When they first arrived, I played Gears of War2 in horde mode … immediately the sound quality blew me away. He could hear a boom from the other side of the map in the courtyard, and the explosions were so intense that he could feel them! Switch to Modern Warfare 2 … Not only could I hear the camera sliding over my opponent’s intervention sniper rifle; I could hear him sneaking up on me from much further away. And online chat sounds a lot better than Microsoft’s chat mics. It is practically a given that the Ear Force X31 wireless headphones will help you improve your game. But there are 2 things that also bothered me a bit:

  • Bass-Boost is not very effective – you could use a lot more bass for this feature to make any sense
  • Online chat mute switch is really hard to find – have fun trying not to get killed while adjusting mute / volume
  • Overall sound quality still not as rich as wired headphone technology

The headset itself is powered by 2 triple-A batteries that seem to last 15-17 hours, but the rechargeable ones last about 14 hours. Even with these few flaws, the Turtle Beach Ear Force X31 Wireless Gaming Headphones really stand out as affordable; High quality professional gaming accessory. If you’ve been thinking about upping your game with wireless headphones but couldn’t afford it, the Ear Force X31 is now more affordable than ever.

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