Adding a charitable sponsorship to your vending machine business can make a big difference to both your location chances and your profits. Also, companies that would normally require a commission (which will generally range from 10% to 30%) will often overlook that fee when the machine is sponsored by a charity of a group they want to support. The reason for this is that people are more willing to do something when they feel that something good will come of it. Knowing that they are helping a charity makes them feel like they have done something special and meaningful in the world.

You can help them achieve this feeling, help a charity, and earn a good income at the same time by finding a charity to sponsor their machines. It is generally not difficult to obtain a charitable sponsorship for a number of reasons. Mainly, charities are happy to lend their names to companies to earn extra money; After all, charities require money to run, so the easier it is for them to bring in extra money, the happier they are.

When you think about it, charities work really hard to get the funds they need to run, and when you’re offering them an income without them having to do anything, this becomes a very attractive deal for them. In addition, beyond the money they are receiving from you, they are also receiving free promotion of their cause, increasing the potential to spread their message and generate donations.

This is good for you because the amount you pay to the charity each month is significantly less than what you would pay a company in commissions to use them as a location for their machines. Depending on the type of machine you have and the agreement you have with the sponsoring charity, you will generally make a donation of between $ 1 and $ 5 monthly.

Businesses that offer you a potentially profitable location will find their charity sponsored machines very advantageous as well. They will have the added convenience of offering to their employees or clients, and they will know that they are helping a worthwhile cause by doing so. Since all they need to do is offer you a few feet of space where you can put your machine, they can only view your machines as a delicate opportunity.

Similarly, customers also find charitable sponsorship machines very attractive. People who would normally bypass vending machines often change their minds and make a purchase because they want to help the charity that sponsors their business. Also, if your machine is placed next to a vending machine from another company that is not sponsored by a charity, people will often select yours first just because they want to support the charitable donations you are making.

That said, not all charities are the same when it comes to vending machine company sponsorship. Typically, the guys who are most attractive to businesses and customers are those who support local causes and those who help children in some way. Once they find your charity, they will provide you with the appropriate materials to advertise that sponsorship, which can be posted directly to their vending machines.

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