As an industry that is constantly gaining more attention from both men and women, and always growing with more and more brands and products being launched over the years, choosing the skin care or beauty treatment that best suits you. Suiting your personal skin type can get quite confusing, and in fact, in many cases can present the consumer with a minefield when you have such a wide range of different products and brands to choose from. Even when the person looking for the right line of products to help with their own skin problem is well informed about their own skin type and the particular group of treatments that are developed specifically for that skin type (dry and normal, oily and mixed or sensitive), you’ll still find a host of different brands/products, all with their own promises of proven results, award-winning and certified guarantees. So how does the consumer tell the bad from the good, the honest from the unreliable, and the specific combination/brand that will help them with their own circumstances?

A good and sensible starting point for all consumers looking for the type of treatment that will give them the desired results for skin care, anti-aging, and other treatments that resolve any discomfort they may be experiencing is to look for any brand that offers the guarantee. to use only natural products. In most cases, it is important that they avoid any treatment or product that uses any kind of synthetic man-made ingredients in the development process; Often these can cause the user to suffer from some type of unwanted allergy or skin irritation. After narrowing the choice by selecting only 100% natural brands, we advise you to also eliminate those brands that do not offer the additional guarantee that their products are 100% organic.

Some people may think that a product made from 100% natural ingredients is good enough, however this may mean that the product still uses farmed or controlled ingredients that will not achieve the same great results that an organic product can. It really does make a difference to the nutrients, vitamins, or other goodness that can be found in any ingredient when the ingredient comes from a controlled or farmed environment compared to what a fully organic ingredient can bring to the mix. Plants and animals tend to have a happier existence when left alone, relying solely on the minerals in the earth and the sunshine for all their daily needs. Farm-grown plants and flowers, as well as farm-raised livestock, can have bad experiences or less healthy lifestyles that have an impact on the final qualities that can be extracted from them when the time comes.

When looking for 100% organic products, just be careful to make sure they come with a certification to confirm the promises made. The new global standard for organic certification in the cosmetics industry is COSMOS; therefore, you’ll want to choose the products that are ‘COSMOS 100% Certified Organic’ – these will be the best of the bunch and will be your best shot at achieving the great skin everyone wants.

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